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The Modern Opulent Outfits - Mage Robes of Winterhold 2018 for SSE. A completely overhauled and modernized version, based on the original 2013 Opulent Outfits by Babooncru. Featuring elaborate, high quality and lore-friendly Mage, monk, necromancer and maids and merchant outfits in a variety of styles, and colors.

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Opulent Outfits - Mage Robes of Winterhold-2018 SSE

An updated, combined Opulent Outfits-Mage Robes of Winterhold, Common Monk Robes v2.5
Maids and Merchants

Based on the original mod by babooncru

Summary of Features, and Issues addressed:

 Completely updated for SSE and USSEP. Fixes to sandboxing, packages, merchant lists, stats, spell lists, NPCs and much more.
All racial texture and display errors from the 2013 versions, resolved. 
Modernized and overhauled naming, weights, costs and effects.
Standalone Opulent Vendor (mage robes) now included, at no extra charge.
Outfit fixes. Both Vanilla, USSEP and the original OMoW, assigned many NPCs, outfits that did not entirely reflect their skill sets and or class. To address this, Opulent Outfits-2018 assigns select npcs outfits that better reflect their skill sets and abilities. 
See article, Outfit Fix for details.
Improved textures (SSE only).
Supports Hoods w Circlets.
Survival Mode compatible
-And many other fixes, improvements, refinements besides

Opulent Outfits utilizes 2k and 1k uncompressed textures throughout.

lation - Select your version

 Opulent Outfits All-In-One-2018 SSEThe Complete, Opulent Outfits Experience

 Replaces Mage College + Court wizards with Opulent Mage Robes along with new monk, common, necromancer as well as numerous, colorful and vibrant hand-placed opulent Maid and Merchants outfits on many of Skyrim's NPCs. 

New for Version 3.0+
 -All in One Maids and Merchants content is no longer a replacer as in previous iterations. A wide variety of improved outfits have been hand placed on  numerous NPCs around Skyrim.
 -Consistent older people mod is now a requirement. (All in One). This mod creates seamless neck\body matches on (elderly) maids and merchants +Sergius Turrianus.

 -A limited selection of Maid & Merchant outfits are now available for purchase at Radiant Raiments, Solitude.

Alternate ESP's available, for use with All in One Only. Provides support for:
 -Cutting Room Floor 
 -Improved Bards by Cleverbee. This ESP preserve's that mods appearance changes  and provides them with the new AIO outfits.  

Note: if using both CRF AND Improved Bards, use the Improved Bards replacement ESP provided and not the CRF one, for best results.
*Clothing and Clutter Fix users will require the updated CCF script. - New Games ONLY.

 Opulent Outfits Replacer-2018 SSE: Mage and court wizards only

New for Version 3.0

 The 'basic' Opulent Outfits.  Replaces Mage+Court Wizard outfits only.
*Replacer does not require Consistent Older People mod. Sergius Turrianus uses  standard vanilla textures.

*Clothing and Clutter Fix users will require the updated CCF script. - New Games ONLY.

 Opulent Outfits Standalone-2018 SSE (Misc Files)

Usage: There is NO point in installing this version if you are running either AIO or Replacer v3.0+. Standalones features are now part of the main mod

The separate version is provided for those NOT planning on installing either Opulent AIO, or Replacer.

 Install if you want the re-textures added to your game unenchanted. Does not include Necromancer & Monk Robes. 
This add-on can be installed alongside any other clothing mods or character overhaul. 2k - Robes, 1K -Boots & Hoods.

 Note: The Arch-Mage robes cannot be enchanted - feature!

[The Standalone Opulent Outfits merchant is located in the courtyard of the College of Winterhold] - All versions.

Installation of Opulent Outfits into existing games\saves for C&CF and non-C&CF users.

-The CCF patch will not work on existing saves for either AIO\Replacer. Attempting to do so mid-game may result in missing textures on court wizards, OR, the wizards will just continue to wear the Monk-style robes. CCF patch is for New Games only.
For users upgrading current versions of Opulent Outfits

 Due to the way the game engine handles changes to outfits in existing saves(poorly), it will be common to see naked NPCs or NPCs with partial outfits in cases where Opulent files are upgraded or updated. If you are starting a new game, the game will properly load all Opulent content for the version you have installed w/o any errors. If you are UPDATING, then you will likely encounter NPCs that either are a) naked b) partially outfitted or c) do not have their new outfits at all. In such cases, the enable disable fix will usually resolve the issue and force the game to load their new outfits.


Mods known to be Compatible with Opulent 2017 with or without patches: 
-Vanilla Skyrim
-USSEP 4.1.1+
-All body types. Note: there is no weight slider support for bodies like UUNP. 
-Castles and Palaces Enhanced  
*Clothing and Clutter Fixes - Recommended for its hood w circlets feature. (Updated Script provided).
*Cutting Room Floor - Use AIO replacement ESP provided. All ESPs have Jons letter placed on Olfina-Grey-Mane.

*Bijin Mods. Highly compatible due to Opulent-2017 not assigning its outfits to NPCs covered by those mods.(except for Brelyna).  Her outfit gets reverted to vanilla and not the CONJ robe, Opulent 2018 assigns her. 
*Rustic Clothing v3.0 - Replacer - fully compatible.
*Rustic Clothing v3.0 - All in One: Largely compatible. Rustic Clothing will attempt to overwrite opulent outfits monk and Arch-Mage textures. Simplest solution is to install Rustic Clothing FIRST, then opulent outfits, allowing Opulent Outfits to over-write RCs textures where applicable. Regardless of install order, do not allow Rustic to overwrite Opulent content when prompted or you will lose Opulents monk and Arch-mage textures.
>Female NPCs will display Opulent content.
>Males will display the updated Rustic textures. Rustic clothing is a recommended mod.

Not compatible\may conflict with:

*Mods that alter the meshes or textures of vanilla mage, monk, common, fine or necromancer or farm outfits, tavern clothes etc. In some cases, simple load order adjustments may be sufficient to address such conflicts in favor of Opulent Outfits. 
*Appearance mods that alter any of the Mages College personnel, court wizards, Calcelmo, Aicantar, Nelacar.
Blanket NPC overalls such as WICO for example, will conflict with the NPCs that are assigned Opulent Outfits. 

*Radiant Raiment Fine Clothes replacer mods (aka Embassy Party Clothes mods). Place such mods below Opulent Outfits in your load order.
*Protected NPC Redux.

Opulent Outfit (All in One) AND other mods that alter Radiant Raiments vendor list. 
>Load order changes alone are not sufficient to address conflicts where multiple mods modify the same vendor(Raiments in this case). The lowest order mod vendor list will determine what you see for sale. Vendor lists have to be merged in cases where 2 modified vendor lists exist in order to see both mods items for sale. This also necessitates mastering mods to one another. This is a more complex kind of conflict and is not as easy to resolve.

Load Order

Generally speaking, Opulent Outfits should go BELOW any appearance mods that change TCoW and court wizards. The reason for this is Opulent Outfits changes some mages outfits(not just textures) from vanilla, to robes that more accurately reflect their class and abilities. There may arises cases where an appearance changer mod will display opulent textures , but not the corrected, Opulent assigned outfit.  

Example. In certain cases, a mod could potentially revert NPCs outfits. This is not strictly a problem, so long as they are wearing are still wearing opulent outfits of course. For example, Bijin mod users will find Brelyna wearing her default (vanilla), OPULENT robe, but it won't be  the conjuration robe OO-2017 assigns her. While this could be considered a 'conflict' of sorts, it is one you can basically disregard.  If however, you find your NPCs are not wearing opulent outfits at all dues to a mod conflict, that will require some adjustments on your end.

See article, Outfit Fixes to verify your mages have their corrected outfits.


 If you encounter unclothed NPCs, this is an engine issue with the CK/Skyrim having trouble switching outfits. It is not a 'bug' in the mod. 
Any change, or version upgrade made to an Opulent Outfits installation, no matter how minor, is often sufficient to trigger this glitch.

The good news is, it is easily fixed.
Fix: Open the console, Press ~  <target> the NPC, and type 'disable' then 'enable'. They will have their outfits back. 
There is no need to start a new game solely to fix this issue, the problem is easily corrected in existing games.
You will not experience this issue if starting a new game with OO-2018 installed. 

For additional info regarding mod related issues you may notice in Opulent Outfits-2018, - see articles.

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