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The Modern Opulent Outfits - Mage Robes of Winterhold 2020 for SSE. A completely overhauled and modernized version, of the original 2013 Opulent Outfits by Babooncru. Featuring elaborate, high quality and lore-friendly Mage, monk, necromancer and maids and merchant outfits in a variety of styles, and colors.

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Opulent Outfits - Mage Robes of Winterhold-2020 SSE

The modern, updated and combined,
Opulent Outfits-Mage Robes of Winterhold, Common Monk Robes v2.5
Maids and Merchants

Based on the original mod by babooncru


- Completely updated with all the latest changes from SSE and USSEP 
- Opulent Outfits now comes with its own framework for the sale and distribution of its content in a realistic manner via Skyrims vendors. 
  You will not be able to buy Opulent Mage robes in isolated backwaters such as Riverwood or Falkreath. Robes will drop as loot in world using standard vanilla rules.
- Supports Hoods w Circlets.
- Improved textures (SSE only)
- Survival Mode compatible
- Modernized and overhauled naming, weights, costs and effects.
- The dedicated Opulent merchant selling enchant-able Opulent mage robes is now integrated directly into the mod.
- Some Maid & Merchant content available for sale @ Radiant Raiments (AIO)

Outfit fixes and itemization
.Vanilla, USSEP and the original OMoW, assigned many NPCs, outfits that did not accurately reflect their skill sets and or class.
 To address this, Opulent Outfits-2020 assigns select npcs outfits to better reflect their skill sets and abilities.  See article: Outfit Fixes
-All racial texture, gender display errors from the 2013 versions, resolved.
New v6.4.
-Revamps casters daggers that are either A), missing entirely, or B), are all Iron!?, even for top tier mages.
-Some npcs that had no daggers, now do.
-Upgrades ALL mages Iron daggers to > steel at a minimum, or higher possibly.
And many other improvements, new features, bugfixes and refinements besides.

Additionally, Opulent fixes Radiant Raiments so it no longer carries beggars or miners gear. Ever thought it strange the snobbiest merchant in Skyrim sold beggar's rags and working mans gear, all while insulting you for your own fashion choices (even if you are wearing something better than anything they sell?). 
I found this in-appropriate as well, so RR inventory has been adjusted in addition to the main vendor changes.

Opulents SSE is form 44, and the file uses the latest tools, and utilities for SSE, including the updated CK by Nuukem.
Opulent Outfits utilizes 2k and 1k uncompressed textures and normals for the best visual quality possible. 2k - Robes, 1K -Boots & Hoods.

Select your version:

 Opulent Outfits All-In-One-2020 SSEThe Complete, Opulent Outfits Experience

 Replaces Mage College + Court wizards with Opulent Mage Robes. In addition,  new monk, common, necromancer and Maids and Merchant outfits in a wide range of colors and styles, have been hand-placed on many of Skyrim's NPCs. 

 -All in One Maids and Merchants content is no longer a replacer as it was in the 2013 version. 
 -Consistent older people mod is a requirement for Opulent Outfits. This allows for seamless neck\body textures on elderly npcs.  Otherwise, those old ladies look rather odd with 60 year old heads and 18 necks and chests. 

 -A selection of Maid & Merchant outfits are now available for purchase at Radiant Raiments, Solitude.

Replacement ESP's for supported mods. These ESPs merge the feature sets of the Opulents and the supported mod.

AI Overhaul
- Replacement ESPs w AI Overhaul support for AIO and Replacer. 
Improved Bards by Cleverbee. Great looking Bards, with great looking outfits.
--AI Overhaul\Improved Bards. - Includes an addon file (ESL format) that extends AI Overhaul support to the male bards, in addition to the female bards already covered by the Opulent ESP.
The Ordinary Women.  Note: The replacement ESP provided is for the ToW, and not Opulents. 

Compatibility Files (Not replacement esps).

Cutting Room Floor.(ESL),. Adds CRF robes to RR and Enthir's stock.
Morrowloot Ultimate  and Legacy of the Dragonborn v5 'compatibility files are not replacement ESPs and can be used in any combination with all other files.


Q: Wait a second, where are the REPLACERs optional support??! Do you hate replacer or something? 
A: Yes, yes I do hate replacer. Naw, just kidding, by the time I usually grind my way though every update cycle just making the AIOs alone usually burns me out. One day, Ill try to get motivated enough to add some replacer, love. Maybe. Which I did.
Q: Hold on, what about that stand-alone version that hardly anyone d/l's. Why does it never get any update love? Do you hate Stand-alone or something?
A: Yes, I hate standalone, I really do. I even updated it for v6+. Eventually....
Q: Why wont you support awesome mods like WICO for example?
A: To use that one as a specific example, it has not been updated or supported by its creator since 2016! There are other factors to consider as well. Official support for more mods could be added in the future of course, but this is not guaranteed. 


 Opulent Outfits Replacer-2020 SSE: Mage & court wizards (only)

 The 'Basic', no frills. Opulent Outfits.  Replaces Mage & Court Wizard outfits only.  No Dependencies other than USSEP. 

 Opulent Outfits Standalone Vendor-2020 SSE (Misc Files)

Usage: There is NO point in installing this version if you are running either Main file. The Opulent vendor is included in the main mod.

Standalone installs the Opulent vendor Melisaand to the College of Winterhold, her sale items, and no other features from the main Opulent mod.
She does not sell Necromancer or Maids and Merchant content. Caster Robes only.  No NPCs besides the vendor, will appear in Opulent attire.

This add-on is compatible with all other clothing mods, replacers , character overhauls and College Overhaul Mods w/o conflict.

The Opulent Robe merchant is located in the courtyard of the College of Winterhold - All versions.


1) Install the MAIN file of your choosing
2) Check optionals if you use any of the mods supported there. For replacement ESPs, simply download and over-write the base mods files. 
3) Optional: Install the updated Normals. Allow all overwrites. If a new version of Opulents is posted, dont forget to re-install the updated normals.
4) If you are planning to the either the Arch-mage recolors or the 1k textures, you should install those last.

As always the last file you install, is what the game will utilize.

Installation of Opulent Outfits into existing games\saves. 

 Due to the way the game engine handles changes to outfits in existing saves(poorly), you may encounter some partially outfitted or even naked NPCs when you preform an update to Opulent files in existing saves.
See troubleshooting guide for more detail on this issue.

Compatibility - Load Order  - Troubleshooting
For Troubleshooting,  see: this Article
Mods known to be compatible with Opulent Outfits 2018 with or without patches: 
-Vanilla Skyrim
-USSEP 4.2.3+
-All body types. Note: there is no weight slider support for bodies like UUNP.  There is no issue with Dimonized UNP, or CBBE or any other body replacer. Where there IS an issue, is with mods like UNP Body Fit, that modify actual outfits in the game. Body texture replacers, do not touch clothing, so are perfectly compatible with Opulents.
At worst, you (may) encounter some minor clipping. YMMV.

AI Overhaul. - Supported. All in One and Replacer. See optionals.
Bijin NPC's. Highly compatible due to Opulent not assigning its outfits to NPCs covered by those mods.(exception: Brelyna). Bijin users will find her wearing her vanilla robe, and not the CONJ robe Opulent assigns her. There is no patch for this, as it only one NPCs starting outfit. Give her a conjy robe after you recruit her. 
-Castles and Palaces Enhanced
-Cutting Room Floor - Comp. file available. Adds CRF robes to Enthir RR leveled list. All ESPs have Jons letter placed on Olfina-Grey-Mane.
-Immersive College of Winterhold SSE  -  Compatible via its installer. Its file is probably quite out of date though, and afaik, optionals there do not get updated? YMMV.
-Improved Bards by Cleverbee. Replacement ESP provided
-Legacy of the Dragonborn v5.   Supported on the Official LoTD Patch installer  LoL, The two files here, are updated for v6+ 
-Obscure's College of Winterhold
- Fully compatible. An excellent CoW overhaul. Highly recommenced. And he even provided an area for Meli to sit and take a break. 

-Rustic Clothing v3.0 - Replacer - Fully compatible.
-Rustic Clothing v3.0 - All in One: Largely compatible. Rustic Clothing will attempt to overwrite Opulents monk and Arch-Mage textures. Simplest solution is to install Rustic Clothing FIRST, then opulent outfits, allowing Opulent to overwrite RCs textures where applicable. Regardless of install order, do not allow Rustic to overwrite Opulent content when prompted or you will lose Opulents monk and Arch-mage textures. Female NPCs will display Opulent textures. Males will display the updated Rustic textures. Rustic clothing is a recommended mod. You can elect to overwrite Opulents textures with Rustics if you wish. Your choice.

Not compatible\may conflict with:

Vampire mods. (potential conflict)
 -Sybille Stentor. Because Opulents gives her an Opulent Robe, Sybille may be a source of conflicts with appearance mods intended to overhaul vampires. Currently, there are no compatibility files on offer for specific vampire mods. If you install such files below and over Opulents, you will lose Sybilles Opulent robe. This is probably the best current option.  If you place vampire mods above Opulent, Sybille will retain her vanilla appearance, but will have her robe. However, if the mod installs a facegen for her, you could get a 'black-face' type conflict. 
Cosmetic Vampire Overhaul. Will conflict with Opulents, however, as she wears a hooded robe, CVO changes are harder to make out. Make sure Opulents is BELOW CVO in your load order or she wont have her Opulent Robe. To make her 100% compatible, will require you to make a custom 'patch' for her.
-Mods that alter the meshes or textures of vanilla mage, monk, common, fine or necromancer or farm outfits, tavern clothes etc. In some cases, simple load order adjustments may be sufficient to address such conflicts in favor of Opulent Outfits. 
-Appearance mods that alter any of the Mages College NPCs court wizards, Calcelmo, Aicantar, Nelacar.
-Blanket NPC overalls: WiCO for example and similar overhauls, will conflict with NPCs that are assigned Opulent Outfits. 

-Radiant Raiment Fine Clothes replacer mods (aka Embassy Party Clothes mods). Place such mods below Opulent Outfits in your load order.
-Protected NPC Redux. I do not recommend this mod - period.
-Armor and Clothing Extension - Not compatible. It will break Opulent Outfits.
-UNP Body Fit.

Load Order

Generally speaking, Opulent Outfits should go BELOW any appearance mods. That class of mod will likely conflict at numerous points unless there is a compatibility patch for the specific mod in question.

Example. In certain cases, a mod could potentially revert NPCs outfits. This is not strictly a problem, so long as they are wearing are still wearing Opulent outfits. For example, Bijin mod users will find Brelyna wearing her default (vanilla), OPULENT robe, but it won't be  the conjuration robe Opulent assigns her. While this could be considered a 'conflict' of sorts, it is not critical in any real way.
If however, you find your NPCs are not wearing Opulent outfits at all due to mod conflicts, that will require more attention on your end.

See article, Outfit Fixes to verify your mages are wearing their correct Opulent Outfit. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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Thanks to

MangoMonkey , babooncru 
Raumfliege -  Female Argonian Khajiit Hood fix