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Features Over 700 new map markers to discover, 470 Skyrim + 130 Dawnguard + 80 Dragonborn + 26 Blackreach!
A simple port to the oldrim mods. - Credit to Kronixx

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Credit To Kronixx
For The Oldrim Pages : ATLAS MAP MARKERS


Q. I have Map Markers For Blackreach, Soul Cairn or Forgotten Vale On Skyrims World Map.
A. Move Atlas Down In Your Load Order.

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A. ..

Exploration is a huge part of Skyrim and there are many locations that can be hard to find and easy to miss. These mods
help by adding map markers to hundreds of locations. I only added the map markers to these areas. All areas are part of
the standard game and the DLC's. It will help you find treasure maps, shrines, dragon mounds, campsites, animal dens,
burial sites, skill books and lots of unique locations scattered across Skyrim. None of these locations are inside,
they are all outside in the open world. It will not add the icons to the map until you discover each location.
  • Quickly and easily edit which map markers are visible on your map.
  • Option to adjust Compass settings (values are set to vanilla by default).
  • Over 470 locations in Skyrim. Discover hard to find Skill Books, Camps, Dungeon Exits and Places of Importance and more.
  • Over 130 locations for Dawnguard with world maps of Soul Cairn and Forgotten Vale and you can fast travel in both areas.
  • Over 25 locations in Blackreach with a world map and fast travel in the area
  • Over 80 locations for Dragonborn. Includes Gem Geodes.
  • The Official Prima Skyrim Legendary Game Guide was the primary resource of information, Lore friendly location names.
  • All locations are enabled and ready to discover by default. (see the lists below)
  • Locations can be configured using the setup guides found in the Riverwood Trader, Millions of possible combinations.
  • Locations can be displayed as Default, Undiscovered, Discovered or they can be Removed.
  • Each location will appear on the compass when you are within range of it like normal.
  • 20 quest related locations (in bold) that only appear when Skyrim calls for it.
  • All ore mines have their ore type inserted into the mine names. Example...Gloombound Ebony Mine.
  • Adds hours of extra game play for Skyrim adventurers by marking some of the most unique locations in Skyrim.
  • Discover treasure map loot, shrines, unique items, wilderness loot, farms, caves, ore mines and so much more.
  • Optional Support Mods including map menus with smaller, evenly sized icons, Special version for SkyUI users.
  • Legendary version that combines the 5 core Atlas mods together into One ESP file.