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This mod repurposes several barely used NPCs that just get deleted by the game, after their quests.

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin
LE version available here.

This mod should be best be installed, before you have spoken to, or started any of their quests (see NPCs covered). If you don't, it might still work, but I'll be unable to provide any support.


This mod is being shared as is, by request. I have used this mod for personal use for quite a while and decided to share it as it
is. Unfortunately, due to real life obligations, I will not be able to provide much active support. However, feel free to make any modifications yourself, using this file. (see permissions.)


This mod gives new purposes to NPCs that are barely used in Vanilla. Mostly they are quest NPCs that get deleted by the game after their quests. Most of the NPCs I covered are recruitable and marriable, but some of them also got a new home and/ or daily schedules after their quests.

NPCs covered

  • Eisa Blackthorn: Recruitable after completing the Pale Lady quest. She will be at the inn in Morthal.
  • Kesh the Clean: Recruitable after The Only Cure quest. In addition, I also gave him a tent with a bed to sleep in.
  • Orthorn: Recruitable after the Hitting the Books quest. He will be at the inn in Winterhold.
  • Nelacar: Recruitable after the Black Star quest. If you take the option of the Black Star.
  • Anska: I gave her a home east outside of Windhelm, where she can be found. You can recruit her there after the A Scroll for Anska quest.
  • Salma: Recruitable after the Coming of Age quest. She will be at the Nightgate Inn, one ingame hour after you complete the quest. She will also bury Beem-Ja and a grave will be at the location where their camp was previously.
  • Valdr: Recruitable after the Moss Mother Cavern quest. I also gave him a home just outside Falkreath, where he can be found.
  • Maurice Jondrelle: Recruitable after the Blessing of Nature quest, after you've taken the sapling to Danica. He will be at the Eldergleam Sanctuary. I also gave him a new "Summon Spriggans" spell, which he will occasionally use.
  • Thomas: Available from level 1 (as well as the Frost Troll) + moved a bit down so you can better find him.
  • Torbjorn Shatter-Shield: Added a dialogue option to return Aegisbane, if you have it in your inventory, for a small reward. (Suggested by /u/Belsazar500 on the Skyrimmods subreddit)
  • Cairine: Added dialogue option to give her a potion of Cure Disease, for a small reward. (Suggested by )
  • Ogmund: Added a dialogue option to warn him during the Thalmor quest in Markath. Gives a gold reward. (Suggested by )
  • Stands-In-Shallows: Added a persuade dialogue option to help him get rid of his addiction + offer him a potion of cure disease, as alternative to the Some Light Theft quest. (Suggested by )
  • Shahvee: Recruitable after the Shavee's Zenithar Amulet quest". She has been edited to work as a support, being more useful at unlocking doors and chests as long as it legal, as she has a good heart. (originally from Unique Common NPCs by TheBxushis)
  • Shavari: After you reach Esbern in the Ratway in A Cornered rat, there will be an option for you to inform him about spies. This will open a new dialogue topic for Shavari. Make sure to have killed all the Thalmor in the Ratway Warrens, before you meet her, or she will still be agressive towards you. In Skyhaven Temple, after you've talked to Esbern, she will send you an apology note. After that, she's recruitable as a follower in Riften. In addition to being a follower, she will able to make certain items for the player. (originally from Unique Common NPCs by TheBxushis)
  • Malborn: After the Diplomatic Immunity quest, if Malborn survives and you involve Brelas in the mission, you can suggest them to take shelter at Skyhaven Temple. They will NOT become followers, though. Similar to Etienne Rarnis in the Vanilla game. (originally from Unique Common NPCs by TheBxushis)
  • Brelas: See above. (Malborn) If you save her, she will be marriable. (but NOT a follower) (originally from Unique Common NPCs by TheBxushis)
  • Selveni Nethri: Recruitable in Falkreath, after you saved her in Southfringe Sanctum. (originally from Unique Common NPCs by TheBxushis) After you saved her, she can be found in a tent near the lumbermill in Falkreath. If you have problems with her follower dialogue appearing, please make a save and reload. This should resolve the issue. (hopefully!)
  • J'datharr: You can now bribe or intimidate him. After which he will move to Solstheim to serve a neutral gray NPC there. He will NOT become a follower. (originally from Unique Common NPCs by TheBxushis)
  • From-Deepest-Fathoms: Reintegrated to Riften after the Unfathomable Depths quest. Marriable, but NOT a follower. (originally from Unique Common NPCs by TheBxushis)
  • Deep-In-His-Cups: Reintegrated at Windhelm after the A Night To Remember. Marriable + recruitable as follower. (originally from Unique Common NPCs by TheBxushis)
  • dunWatchRiverWolf, renamed to Scruffy (Wolf in White River Watch): Recruitable as pet if you rescue him. (originally from Unique Common NPCs by TheBxushis)
  • Arvel the Swift: Added an option to bribe or intimate him to hand over the Golden Claw and spare his life, in the Golden Claw quest. (originally from Unique Common NPCs by TheBxushis)
  • Nubaree (RDO NPC): She can be found in Riften. She's hirable after the "Taking Care of Business" quest from the Thieves' Guild questline. She's a trainer in Alteration and has been made to look visually different from From-Deepest-Shadows, as well as given some more background. (originally from RDO, but tweaked in Unique Common NPCs by TheBxushis)
  • Razita (RDO NPC): She's already a follower in RDO and travels with the "Whiterun Khajiit Caravan. In BUVARP, many unused/limited elements were added used to give more her depth. For instance, not all Caravans survive the long roads of Skyrim. While travelling through Skyrim, you may encounter some dead Khajiit, either on the road or in bandit camps. They will carry notes, explaining more about them and Razita. To avoid spoilers, we'll keep it at that. (originally from RDO, but tweaked in Unique Common NPCs by TheBxushis)



Q: Will you implement <NPC name> as well?
A: If we find enough content, we might, but only eventually. When? Soon™

Q: Will you upload this to, and/or convert to PS4/Xbox One?
A: I won't upload this mod to or any consoles, myself. But feel free to do so yourself, if you want. (see permissions) Xbox One version is in theory possible to convert, PS4 isn't. (no custom assets.)

Q: Will you do the same for any other game?
A: No, but feel free to borrow ideas from me.

Q: There are a few conflicts with USSEP.
A: Yes, there is 1 intentional conflicts:
- Maurice Jondrelle no longer set to cowardly, because otherwise you won't have much use of him as follower.

License and Permission Notes

This mod is shared with a WML 1.0 Cathedral License.

You are free to :

- Redistribute this work in unmodified form.
- Include this resource within another work
- Modify and redistribute this work

So long as you:

- Give the author(s) credit.
- link back to this page.
- distribute your mod under the same license.

Translations are allowed under the same terms.

Uploading for SSE, to and for consoles is allowed under the same terms, but in addition don't expect any technical expect support from me
in that case, if the mod doesn't work on any of those platforms.

  • Arthmoor and Unoffical Patch team: For USLEEP / USSEP.
  • PlagueHush: For suggesting to make Eisa a follower.
  • AjiraKimberly on Twitch: For suggesting me to make changes to Kesh the Clean.
  • KiwiFails on Twitch: For suggesting extra dialogue options for Cairine, Ogmund and Stands-In-Shallows.
  • Camelworks on YouTube: For inspiring me to cover more NPCs like this.
  • cloudedtruth: For Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
  • FoxFingers: For help and tips (Some minor inspiration on AD)
  • aluckymuse: For help and inspiration over former VVE
  • Darkfox127: For the tutorials and guides.
  • BestInSlot: For the tutorials and guides.
  • doughamil: For the tutorials and guides.
  • JenModding: For giving me advice on lore related to the NPCs + giving me brilliant ideas.
  • scrane27: For troubleshooting conflicts and his Requiem and Requiem Minor Arcane Patches.
  • eanaz: For his idea to add the Flaming familiar to Anska.
  • TheBxushis: For the new followers from Unique Uncommon NPCs.
  • SkyLover264: For several of his patches, he kindly provided.
  • /u/Belsazar500 on the Skyrimmods subreddit: suggestion to add dialogue option to return Aegisbane to Torbjorn.
  • Bethesda Game Studios: For the original unaltered meshes (And for developing Skyrim and giving us the ability to mod it, of course!)
  • The entire modding community: For being awesome <3
  • Tools used