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Dark fantasy Witcher-esque 4K texture replacers for every banner in Skyrim, Dawnguard & Dragonborn.

Permissions and credits
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Ennead Shields | Ennead Cloaks | Ennead Septims | Ennead Sweetroll
| Ennead Shadowmarks

  • Handcrafted banners for every faction and city in the game, providing the only complete banner retexture mod available on the Nexus.
  • Hand-crafted, native 4K texture work.
  • Created based on historical inspiration, extensive research and facts from the lore, to insure each texture properly fits the locale with varieties of cloth, weathering and aesthetics suitable to the region.
  • Supports almost half a dozen other mods by replacing custom banners not featured in the vanilla game with an Ennead-style overhaul.
  • Boasts 4 alternative recolors and redesigns of specific banners in the primary file for even further customization to your taste.
  • Fully compatible with Skyrim LE since all files only include textures.


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Artist's commentary
Stylistically, I approached Skyrim's banners the way the Witcher III does. That is to say, worn but clean enough and mostly well kept since it was a symbol of status during medieval times to have clean tablecloths and heraldry. Such as the following examples:

While I took inspiration from other games and as many creative liberties as I could, I did want to cement the style and tone in the real world for more authenticity.

I was once the pride of the table, while my youth was in its first flower and my face knew no blemish. But since I am old, and my visage is marred, I do not wish to appear. I withdraw from you, table; farewell!
- By Geoffrey of Vinsauf (source)

She produces an embroidered white linen tablecloth and a fine white loaf, silver dishes, and ornamented goblets for wine.
-An excerpt from History of Everyday Life in Scotland by Edward J. Cowan (Source)

The places were pointed out to the guests by the nomenclator; and when they had taken up their reclining position at table, water was brought round and poured over the hands of each guest and the hands wiped in a towel or napkin [MANTELE, MAPPA] provided by the host, though sometimes brought by the guest, in order to carry away the presents that the host frequently gave. Later mnantele was used for a table-cloth. It was not till towards the end of the 1st century A.D. that table-cloths began to be used.
- An excerpt from A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities (1890) 
William Smith, LLD, William Wayte, G. E. Marindin, Ed. (Source)

City/faction banners are highly important, designed by artisans in their craft to give armies and cities the fiercest standards. I also found how the map marker was reused for Solitude's banner to be quite a lazy move for the vanilla banners.

All weathering is unique to the situation, region and class of the locals. Chalk kicked up from the Markarth mines, burns & scars from the civil war for the camp flags, and even wintery frost for the holds of the north.

Texture art by Koveich