About this mod

A cleanup of the College of Winterhold so it feels more academic and less like a storage warehouse. Adds New Student NPCs and student bedrooms based on quest progress at the college.

Permissions and credits
Juniper's College of Winterhold

A cleanup of the College of Winterhold so it feels more academic and less like a storage warehouse.
Adds New Student NPCs and Student Rooms based on College quest progress.

Install Anytime!

- This mod is specifically created so that you can add it to your game no matter where you are in the college quest line. All you have to do is enter the Rotunda of the Hall of Elements for the Student Quest to trigger. The quest will check your college quest progress, and disable and enable objects and NPCs depending on how far you are in the quest line, and what quests you have finished. It even works if you have completed the College Quest line already!

What this does:

- Adds 6 new Students based on where you are in the college quest line, including the main quest and a college side quest. Two of the students are followers.
- Adds a safe storage chest to the Player's College Room.
- Disables or moves countless barrels and sacks and other messy clutter items in the college.
- Adds cooking Pots to the dorms. Students are now trusted enough to make food in the dining areas.
- Removes the skeever heads from the dining areas.
- Adds decorations and idle markers throughout both the Hall of Countenance and Hall of Attainment to improve the College of Mages feel.
- Adds personal decorations to the rooms of everyone who lives at the college, including some added shrines and respawning dummy objects.
- Adds new seating and study areas to the Arcaneum, including idle markers and books.
- Removes all traces of food and drink from the Arcaneum. I doubt a librarian who tells you he will have you torn apart by angry atronachs for harming a book would be okay with drinks nearby.
- Moved around some of the plants and trees on the College grounds and added Seating. I tried to make the shrubs and trees more symmetrical so they looked like a proper garden in the winter around the walkways. 
- Added a collision cube around the trees near the Hall of Countenance to keep the NPCs from trying to walk through them because of navigation mesh under them.
- Added various idle markers to the college grounds so NPCs sandboxing in the area will have things to do.
- Much More!

What this does NOT do:
- Alter the College of Winterhold Questline, or any other quest line.
- Alter any College of Winterhold NPCs.
- Alter any Lighting.
- Alter any Navigation Mesh.

About the New Students:
- Elande: Young Altmer student (novice) who studies and practices most days.
- Salmyin: Redguard Wizard who Studies and Sandboxes the College.
- Drodes Relator: Young Dark Elf Student (novice) who studies and practices most days.
- Shallei: Young Argonian Mystic (novice) who studies and practices most days.
- Beiki Sun-Strider: Nord Scholar (Adept) Combat Cleric. Specializes in Holy Magics against the undead. Fantastic for taking through Draugr tombs. (Follower)
- Gasin Motiene: Breton Scholar (Adept) Combat Summoner. Specializes in Summons. Studies and practices most days. Likes the Midden on the weekends. (Follower)

Compatibility and Requirements:


- Compatible with Any NPC Overhauls.
- Compatible with Any Lighting Overhauls.
- Compatible with Mods Adding NPCs to the College.
- NOT Compatible with other College Overhauls.
- Compatibility Patch for Snazzy Furniture and Clutter HERE by Danexuslurker

The following are Recommended Mods that are fully compatible with this mod:
- Cutting Room Floor by Arthmoor 
- Immersive College NPCs by VorpalRunner 
- Winterhold Bridge Fix by Teria23 
- Dressed Hearthfire Doll by UNI00SL

Please Note!!! I have moved many objects and added in objects throughout the college. If you have previously visited the college, anything out of place will be in it's correct placement AFTER A CELL RESET. (I only noticed issues in the Arcaneum with a couple book piles).

- There is a chest that appears inside the entrance of the Hall of Attainment for you after you finish the main college quest. The chest will contain anything stored in your dorm room.

Please NOTE!!!!! It is not recommended that you remove this mod mid-playthrough after activating the college. Make a save before installing this mod, and revert back to that save should you decide to uninstall after activating the college.

Mods Seen in the Screenshots but NOT INCLUDED WITH THIS MOD:
- SMIM by Brumbek
- Peltpalooza by Gamwich
- Rustic Cooking by Gamwich
- Rustic Clutter by Gamwich
- Rustic Soulgems by Gamwich
- Rugnarok by Gamwich
- Rustic Windows by Gamwich
- Noble Skyrim by Shutt3r
- Book Covers Skyrim by DanielCoffey
- Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack by Wrig675 and Kelsenellenelvian