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"The Missing Apprentices" quest just makes no sense even after Cutting Room Floor restored some content. This fix makes the quest much more interesting and coherent.

LOAD AFTER any quest related mods and Cutting Room Floor and CRF Patches
LOAD AFTER Legacy of the Dragonborn or Book Covers of Skyrim or the text may not show.

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Important Information

Version 1.4 adds a new book "The History of Winterhold College" and corrects a typo  ......  Safe to update midgame.

What this MOD does:

"The Missing Apprentices" quest just makes no sense even after Cutting Room Floor restored some content.  This fix makes the quest much more interesting and coherent.  


Skyrim SE
USLEP (unofficial patch) (not directly dependent but CRF is)
Cutting Room Floor (directly dependent)


What does this mod do?

This mod ties the missing apprentices to the Daedric Black Hand in the Midden.  It only changes the content of one book and one quest description.
It explains the fate of all 4 apprentices and why they all went missing off the college.
No scripts
Checked with SSEedit (again)


In the Midden there is a mysterious Black Daedric Hand (see picture in the images section) = Vanilla
Trapped inside this glove there is a nasty Dremora and you can release him if you are foolish or strong enough = Vanilla
There is no backstory as to how or why he is there = Vanilla
Much earlier, 4 apprentices were burned to death messing with this artifact and this is documented in the Investigators Report = Vanilla 

There are currently another 4 NEW missing apprentices in the College = Vanilla (The College seems to have an unprecedented death rate)

If you follow the vanilla quest you find out they die 4 random concurrent deaths in the wilderness areas of Winterhold. There are no tie ins and no reason why 4 students would die in 4 separate locations at the same time. This makes no sense.

In "Missing Apprentices Quset Fix" (my mod) the Dremora has been busy indeed. The four students found the Daedric Hand and manged to communicate with the Dremora inside. As they don't know whats inside they believed his sweet talk and promises of knowledge that would help their studies. The Dremora devised a plan to have each apprentice complete a ritual outside the college that would kill them, trap their souls in Oblivion and give the Dremora more power.

The students were desperate for knowledge to distinguish themselves, and foolish enough to do the ritual and they all died. The Dremora had them leave the college to 4 separate locations so that there would be no chance they would see each other die and not complete the ritual.

When the player releases the Dremora the first thing he says is that the students are dead and their souls are in Oblivion (Vanilla).

At this point the player has really good reason to burn him to cinders or release him if they are playing a very evil character.