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Why should the Psijic Order decide who should become the new Arch-Mage? It should be the choice of the current Arch-Mage. Unfortunately for Winterhold, that's you.

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This mod allows you to rescind your position as Arch-Mage by selecting another member of the college to take up the mantle in your stead. You may ask anyone to take up the role, even apprentices, though not all will accept. You may make this decision immediately, or after a long tenure leading the College. It's up to you. Choose wisely; once you've selected your successor, there is no going back.

▪ Once you're made Arch-Mage, all members of the college will be given new dialog options to allow you to discuss their interest in the role. Some will accept at once, some may need some convincing, and some will flat out refuse.
▪ The selected Arch-Mage will don their own Arch-Mage robes and receive a key. You may keep your set.
▪ The new Arch-Mage will have their schedule modified.
▪ Many of the greetings which discuss storyline events but have nothing to do with your rank have been reconditioned to check the questline status, so they will still play after you're relinquished the rank of Arch-Mage.
▪ Dialog for the quest "Aftershock" has been edited to remove mention of your rank.
▪ If you're using Obscure's College of Winterhold (v1.5 and higher), the Arch-Mage of your choice will select one of the six variations for the Arch-Mage's quarters. Additionally, their old room will be converted to a guest room.

This mod can be installed before you're Arch-Mage, or when you're Arch-Mage.  Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex are recommended to install. All plugins are in the ESP-FE format. While technically possible to uninstall at any time, uninstalling a mod is never recommended after you've saved your game with it installed.  If you're running a very big load order, Choose Your Own Arch-Mage may be flagged as a master file.

▪ This mod was designed to be used with Obscure's College of Winterhold (v1.5 and higher). This will unlock all of the mod's features.
▪ The Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch for all of the fixes it provides.

Patches Offered For:

▪ At this time, I have yet to find a conflict in need of patching.

Load Order:
▪ CYA should be loaded after Improved College Entry

Not Compatible With:

Immersive College of Winterhold has its own role relinquishment setup.

Does your choice have an impact on story or gameplay?
Presently, no. I am open to ideas on simple ways to do this. I want to avoid over-scoping.

Can I take the Arch-Mage position back if I want to?
No, you won't be able to. You gave away the role! You can't just ask for it back.

Why did you allow X to accept the position but not Y?
It was simply more fun to have certain characters say no! I picked them based on their personalities and who would either make a great Arch-Mage or a terrible one. Most options who I felt would make a boring Arch-Mage tell you no.

▪ Making this mod wouldn't have been feasible without Creation Kit Fixes.
▪ A Skyrim modder's best friend, xEdit.
Notepad++ with Papyrus Integration is my preferred way to script.
▪ I would not want to mod without Mod Organizer 2's virtual file system to keep my workspace organized, and backup/restore features to let me experiment wildly.
Baretail allows for real-time papyrus logging for "trace" comments, so you can quickly test and debug your scripts.
▪ The Voice Reference Tool makes it possible to find any spoken word or phrase anywhere in Skyrim instantly, and then export the line in various formats.
▪ I use Audacity to edit existing dialogue lines into new ones.
Yakitori Audio Converter gets the new lines ready to use after they've been edited and lip files generated.
▪ The videos were edited using DaVinci Resolve.

Archmage Tolfdir and Immersive College of Winterhold, both of which helped me spot some dialogue context cases that I had missed.
Everyone who's made it clear how much they care about who should be Arch-Mage or not.
J'zargo, for daring to dream.

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