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Replaces the default snow shader with a dynamic shader. The dynamic shader uses the installed snow texture for the shader instead of ugly vertex colors.

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Do your snowy objects look like plastic?
Then you need Better Dynamic Snow!


The original mod for Skyrim can be found in The Ruffled Feather here:

Better Dynamic Snow replaces the default snow shader with a dynamic shader. The dynamic shader uses the installed snow texture for the shader instead of ugly vertex colors like the vanilla one. About 80% of all snowy objects will use the new dynamic snow shader. The other 20% cannot use the snow texture due to an engine limitation that doesn't allow textures with transparency to also display a texture for the shader.

Most screenshots were taken with Nordic Snow.
Compare shots featuring Fluffy Snow are now available.


A list of objects which Better Dynamic Snow alters is provided in the development document (link). Please utilize this list when checking for compatibility and reporting issues.

Better Dynamic Snow will be compatible with the following:
  • Any plugin that does not alter the records for the objects listed in the development document (aka, no conflicts in xEdit)
  • Any mod that does not conflict with the included meshes.
  • Any snow re-texture mod. The installed texture will be used for the snow shader when using BDS.
  • SMIM (use the SMIM version provided in the installer)
  • Ruins Clutter Improved (RCI) - allow RCI to overwrite the BDS meshes.
  • No Snow Under the Roof - patch provided.
  • Majestic Mountains - see load order below.
  • SSE Engine Fixes - (link)
  • Nine more patch can be found at the Useless Patches Collection.

Better Dynamic Snow is partially compatible with:

Enhanced Lights and FX (ELFX)
The mod is compatible with a couple exceptions.
  1. Meshes - see INSTALLATION below for the install order regarding ELFX.
  2. Make sure you have the latest version of both the mods!!!

Better Dynamic Snow recommends the following mods:

SSE Engine Fixes (link)
This mod is recommend due to its many bug fixes for the game. It fixes tree reflections, waterflow speed, improves LOD performance, fixes issues with the snow shader and sparkles, and more. Read the mod page, read the INI, set it up however works best for your preferences.


Installing BDS is very simple.
  1. Using your mod manager, download  the main file and run the installer.
  2. If you have SMIM installed, choose the SMIM option. Else, choose the Vanilla option.
  3. Install the mod.
  4. Sort with LOOT.

Installation Order
For mods that have mesh (.nif) conflicts, the author of those mods will need to ensure the redundant NiAlpha node on the mesh is deleted for the surfaces which will be snow covered. Incompatible meshes will not display the dynamic snow shader and they could potentially cause CTDs. Else, install Better Dynamic Snow after these conflicting mods so that BDS wins the file conflict.

Enhanced Lights and FX (ELFX)
Currently there are two choices:
  1. Install ELFX before BDS - this will allow BDS to take priority and you will have the new snow on the conflicting meshes, but you will likely also have light flicker on the meshes too.
  2. Install BDS before ELFX - this will allow ELFX to take priority and you will NOT have the new snow on the conflicting meshes, but you shouldn't have any light flicker on meshes.

Load Order
For plugins that conflict with the records in Better Dynamic Snow.esp, a patch will likely be required. Below are load orders for specific mods:

Majestic Mountains
If the Better Dynamic Snow's shader is preferred to the Majestic Mountain's shader, create a meta rule in LOOT to load Better Dynamic Snow.esp after MajesticMountains.esp. Else, just let LOOT sort it out. Users who don't know how to do this need to read the LOOT documentation or watch a video to learn how. For users making a change after running DynDOLOD, it is recommended to regenerate those files and update the plugin for that mod.


Weirdly painted objects?
Try disabling the new snow shader in the settings menu or by using BethINI.


BDS featured by Lakebit: Article

SparrowPrince and Brumbek for the mod.
Raiserfx for the shrinebase.nif file.
The mod is being maintained and expanded by TechAngel85; with permission.