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Choose your school and more improvements for the College of Winterhold.

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Changes to the College of Winterhold:

First Lessons (MG01)
  • Faralda's force-greet trigger has been moved back to the bridge so you can have a friendlier dialogue with her. (credit: Misc. College of Winterhold Tweaks - Friendly Faralda by SomethingObscure)
  • You can ask Faralda to join the college straight away.
  • You can choose a favored school of magic when speaking to Faralda at the entrance.
  • Faralda will not sell you the spell to cast and will instead tell you to go to the court wizards to get it (revert to vanilla behavior by setting MGI_FaraldaSellsSpells to 1).
  • Several errors in the journal entries for the entry tests are fixed.
  • You can enter the College by shouting after completing The Way of the Voice (MQ105).
  • Faralda will not repeat herself saying "Well done indeed." before leading you across the bridge.
  • Faralda will not randomly stop to greet you while leading you to the gate.
  • Faralda will finish lighting the wells even if you run past her.
  • Mirabelle will give you the appropriate robes corresponding to your entry test.
  • You have the option to skip the tour with Mirabelle.
  • Tolfdir will not start the lesson if you have not spoken to Mirabelle and started or skipped the tour.
  • Tolfdir will not repeatedly force-greet you after speaking about the ward spell.
  • Lesser Ward will not be added automatically if you knew Steadfast or Greater Ward.
Under Saarthal (MG02)
  • Tolfdir and the apprentices' automatic greetings that they can use while walking to Saarthal will not stop them from moving.
  • Rearranged some of Tolfdir's dialogue options during the quest to be more natural.
  • Fixed Nerien greeting you with generic lines (e.g. "Those are College of Winterhold robes, aren't they?") when he first appears.
  • Reduced mist FX in the burial shaft to increase visibility of the section underneath.
  • Tolfdir will not interrupt himself or randomly force-greet you after his monologue in the burial shaft.
  • Savos Aren will give you a leveled Staff of Turning instead of a Staff of Magelight.
Good Intentions (MG04)
  • You are completely blocked from entering the Arch-Mage's Quarters at the start of the quest, where entering would break the game.
  • Adjusted the Augur of Dunlain's lines that would play in the Midden Dark as you approach so that they will occur more consistently. (credit: Misc. College of Winterhold Tweaks - The Augur's Admonishment by SomethingObscure)
  • It is possible to break into the Arch-Mage's Quarters either by picking the lock or pickpocketing Savos Aren. This makes it possible to get the Unusual Gem/Stone of Barenziah.
  • Lecture scenes have been altered so that attendees show up early and the lectures start at 2:00 PM more consistently.
  • Phinis won't give his lecture about the object from Saarthal before completing Under Saarthal (MG02).
  • NPCs added by mods will no longer use unvoiced greetings after you become Arch-Mage.
  • Fixed Brelyna's practice spells being able to be absorbed, which would break the quest.
  • Fixed a misaligned door in the Midden Dark. (credit: Misc. College of Winterhold Tweaks - Erratum Etc. by SomethingObscure)
  • A book which Urag reports missing can no longer be found on College grounds. (credit: Misc. College of Winterhold Tweaks - Erratum Etc. by SomethingObscure)
  • Allow the player to use Magelight to light/re-light the wells on the bridge (credit: Misc. College of Winterhold Tweaks - Mage-Light Maintenance by SomethingObscure)


This mod should generally load before most other mods, the main exception being WACCF Armor and Clothing Extension, which it should load after.

Compatibility List

  • Better College Application - Redundant.
  • College Entry Requirements - Compatible.
  • College Modifications - Redundant.
  • Immersive College of Winterhold - Compatible. Load this mod before ICOW.
  • Magical College of Winterhold - Compatible. Load this mod before MCOW.
  • Misc. College of Winterhold Tweaks - Compatible. The FOMOD will prevent you from installing redundant tweaks. Always load this mod earlier.
  • Not So Fast - Mage Guild - Compatible. Load ICE before NSFMG (IMPORTANT).
  • Obscure's College of Winterhold - Compatible.
  • WACCF Armor and Clothing Extension - Compatible. Load this mod after.