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This mod adds extra students to the College of Winterhold

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This is an SSE port of the original Skyrim College Students   by reindeer51.  He should get all the credits for this mod and it's assets.  I merely uploaded this to the Special Edition so others could enjoy it.

The original College Students mod is found here

All the assets have been run through an optimizer and the form id has been upgraded to form 44 in the Creation Kit and cleaned with SSEedit v4.0.2

College Students now comes with an optional esl flagged esp.  Just choose it in the main files category.  The form id has been compacted so the file could be flagged with the esl flag.  It is not recommended to upgrade to the esl format mid save.  Use only with a new game start, or if you have never had CollegeStudents.esp in your load order previously.  Anyone currently using collegestudents.esp should not upgrade to the newer format unless they are starting a new game.

Below is the original description for the mod.


Ever found it ridiculous how there's only a mere 3 students in the entire college? It didn't seem right how the number of teachers
vastly outnumbered the number of students. This mod aims to balance this by adding several extra students into the school. I've tried to keep it
as lore-friendly as possible (given how the College has fallen), with a not so excessive but reasonable number of students added. 
The list of students:
Renna, Breton - Apprentice mage specialising in Restoration
Derelyn, Dunmer - Scholar specialising in Conjuration
Lilia, Altmer - Apprentice specialising in Alteration
Alessa, Breton - Adept mage specialising in Destruction
Siryn, Altmer- Adept mage specialising in Alchemy
Alec, Breton - Apprentice mage specialising in Alchemy
Siertus, Altmer - Scholar specialising in Illusion
Darkus, Dunmer - Adept mage specialising in Destruction
Pjodan, Redguard - Apprentice specialising in Enchanting

Each NPC even has their own daily schedules to roam about the College so you won't be seeing them staying in the place 24/7 doing nothing. If
there's extra beds around in the dorms, they'll sleep whenever possible. Most of the students will go to the Arcanaeum to study while some will hang about in the Hall of Elements when they're free. Lazier ones might just spend more time in their dorms or some might even travel as far to Frozen Hearth to slack off. All to give the idea each student has their own way of spending their days.


Drag and drop ESP and contents into Data Folder

This just adds NPCs so it should be compatible with just about everything

Immersive College of Winterhold
Winterhold College Improved
Inconsequential NPCs
Interesting NPCs

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