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Sometimes mannequins come alive, this script-free mod makes them stay where they should.

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This is a simple, script-free mod that alters the mannequin package to make it stay put. While USSEP writes a better script than Besthesda, if a player home has more than 5 or 6 mannequins in a cell, they can start to wander around. The best place to put the ESP is below any housing mods so the mannequins benefit from the package. While this mod is not dependent on USSEP, you should download it anyway because it is brilliant. 


It is compatible with any mod that does not alter the same MannequinStay package. So you can use texture replacers or other scripts if you want -- as long as they don't mess with the packages! You can uninstall this at any time and it will not affect your save because it is a package not a script.

All DLC's should be installed. 

If you have an issue please make a proper post 

Bug: <description>
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post your load order, but use the spoiler tag so it does not take up too much room

Current Known Issues/Not a bug

If you have never opened up the Creation Kit, something you do not see are the invisible markers that tell physical objects to do things. One of these invisible markers for mannequins is called an "X Marker Heading." It is a red box inside the kit and tells the person, or mannequin, which way to face.

These markers are also used for NPC's to face each other for their scripted lines and such. All objects inside the CK have a 3D data info tab; this tab tells how the marker should face and when it comes to the X Marker Heading, if it is placed at Rotation 0.0000 on its XYZ axis, it can cause issues. This is a bug within the CK and has very little to do with packages. It is up to modders to properly mark their Rotations as 0.0001. This is also true for modders who add trigger markers, like for custom storage. 

So when it comes to a custom house if you see a mannequin that is still moving to the left or right there are 1 of 3 issues:

1) Your computer is not able to handle the amount of mannequins + attaching of the scripts (in which case, packages can still not properly make them stay no matter what we do) and/or

2) You have a lot of items in the cell and have packed the chests and other items to the brim so when the cell loads it has to prioritise what settles first and the mannequins get loaded last 

3) the modder forgot to make the X Marker Heading not at a perfect Rotation. Please consult the modders on their custom homes. Remember not to yell at the modders! It is not their fault they have to deal with such a bug and these little things are easy to overlook and/or they did make the change but 1 and/or 2 above override their work. 

Fixing 1 and 2: DO NOT SAVE INSIDE CUSTOM HOMES WITH A LOT OF STUFF. Save outside and allow your computer to load the cell(s) properly


Hey folks, if this works for you, pop an endorse button up there so other people can see it. Also, post your housing mods so I can compile a compatible list to further facilitate our wonderful modding community :) 

Note to Console Users: I do not own SSE on a console, HOWEVER, I did put it on Bethesda for testing. Clicky here and let me know how it works for you. 

19/Dec/2016 - Initial release
20/Dec/2016 Initial release on Bethesda for XBox1 users 

Credits: Bethesda because it is their game. Also DarkFox127 because he has some amazing tutorials and I picked up an idea for a package from watching one of his videos :) Thank  you DF127 for all your tutorials and contributions to the community!