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thibth-Original mod by jvr2400

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Simple conversion of jvr2400 mod : be a true student at the College of Winterhold !

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Ever gone to Winterhold to do the Mage quests and then find yourself
wondering how it's possible that someone who has been part of the school
for all of a week and has no magical skills above Apprentice can become

Me too.

This mod aims to fix that. You will go to the college, meet your instructor, and work your way to archmage-dom.
Upon entering the college in Winterhold you will meet Jordan Mhoram hanging
out around the entrance to the Hall of Elements at the end of the bridge
leading to the college. Speak to him and he will charge you insanely
exorbitant fees to take his classes. Upon payment he will provide you
with books. As you progress in your spell abilities, you will be able to
go back and speak to him again to start the next "semester". Once you
have reached Expert level, he will direct you to the various masters of
their individual schools in order to do the Master level quests.

You can specialize in one school of magic. As long as at least one of the
schools has reached the next higher skill level, you can go back to
Mhoram for more books. You can go to Mhoram for your Master level spells
once one of your skills reaches 90. He will send you on to the Masters
of the individual schools of magic at that point.

The end of each semester will include a short series of message boxes that
will talk about the previous year and what is to come in the future.
Rudimentary, and not as cool as cut scenes, but i think they do a pretty
good job of adding to the feeling of time having gone by.

This mod is linked to the Vanilla College of Winterhold quests. You will not
be able to progress without first gaining appropriate skills.

jvr2400 description on the original mod page on Oldrim Nexus :
 Hi everyone ! Like the creator of this mod, i also felt that it was unnapropriate that  a mere student take the mantle of archmage without mastering the arcane arts first. So , since I was on the special edition ,i made a conversion for myself, and i share it with you with the author permission, so dont forget to endorse the original file if you like this one, because all the credits goes to jvr2400  ! Thank you ! 

P-s : you can find custom voice for this mod on the original page download section , you should really check this  out !