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Dark Mage Set

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Update April 20, 2017

Added a couple things ;)

Mod has been converted over to Skyrim Special Edition.

All textures have been redone and brought up to the same level as SSE.

Two new hood variants have been added: The Cursed, which is a darker version of the normal Skull Hood (see new images in the screenshot section) and a hood that shows your mages face as per request on the Oldrim Nexus page for this mod.

As always, I hope you enjoyed the mod and if you really liked it :) why not hit the ENDORSE button to let me know.

Oh and a little side note: the hood that shows your characters face can be worn the same time as the crowns and gives a different look that you may like. Just thought I'd mention this, so it's not a bug. 

Future plans: Add an unenchanted version (Done), custom weapon (Done, see screenshots), add a variant of The Cursed with some glow (Done, see screenshots) Add some glowing runes to the robes (Done, see Screenshots)

Update: I have added Armored versions, with custom models and new weapons. Old weapon models have been removed. Please see screenshots.

 Also maybe some requests depending what they are.

The graphical mod used for the 4K screen shots is:
 Nyclix's ENB-Reshade by Nyclix

The mod used in the screenshot with the weapons is: See Enchantments SE by SpiderAkiraC      Highly recommended!

Taking screenshots is not my specialty, so I would love to see some of yours!

Nether Mage Robes

After looking around on the Nexus, I thought to myself that there wasn't any dark mage robes (besides the Black Mage Armor by Reko) that fit my taste.
This mod was born from that desire.

What this mod adds:

Dark mage robes that have better enchantments (a little) then the archmage robes as I wanted something for a high level and high difficulty playthrough.

Armored versions of the robes that have new models.

Dark mage hood with many different looks (I like options).

All pieces come in Heavy, light and clothing variants.

New weapons, with custom models.

All pieces can be found just outside the room where you encounter the augur of dunlain in the Middin (College of Winterhold).

Both male and female support.

Tools used:

3ds Max 2015

Blender 2.49b

NifSkope 2.0 pre alpha


PS CC 2017

Now available on XBOXNether Mage goes console


 If you would like to use part (s) of this mod in your own, give credit, send me a PM and a link back to this page :)