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Marvelous Mirabelle is a mod that overhauls Mirabelle's looks and allows you to recruit her as a follower. She has many interesting and unique follower features. Fully voiced with enhanced Follower and Combat AI, intelligent sandboxing, casting light when dark, visual enhancements and much more!

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Marvelous Mirabelle
A Follower and Overhaul Mod

    Though seemly dead after her battle with Ancano, Mirabelle is alive and well at Winterhold College.  This mod allows you to recruit her as a follower once the events of the College quest line has completed and the Dragonborn has become Arch-Mage.

    This mod not only overhauls Mirabelle's looks and allows you to recruit her as a follower but does so in an interesting and balanced way with several engaging follower features.  Fully voiced with enhanced Follower and Combat AI, intelligent sandboxing, casting light when dark, visual enhancements and much more!


  • Mirabelle can be recruited once the player character becomes Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold.
  • A mysterious note will appear in your inventory.  Once read, Mirabelle's location (at the College) will be tracked as an objective on your map.
    • You will need to change locations (go into a different cell or area) for the note to trigger.
  • When you approach the College grounds, an in-game message will appear, "Magic is in the Air", letting you know that she is ready to be recruited as a follower.
  • Note: It might be a good idea to save and load your game after installing this mod.  Skyrim can get odd at times when modding vanilla npcs.


  • Fully capable follower that uses her own Custom Follower System.
    • She has all the standard follower features: trading, wait, follow, etc.
    • She can be recruited in addition to any other followers, including other custom followers, without requiring a multiple follower mod.  Does not increase the follower count.  She will be in the Current Follower and Potential Follower Factions.
    • Can be used alongside multi-follower mods but cannot be managed by them.

  • Mirabelle is Fully-Voiced using edited lines from the game.
    • Engages in idle chatter (hour cooldown on saying idle lines).
    • Comments on danger, dungeon entrances and interesting sights.
    • Has interactions with NPCs.  Currently covers several Whiterun characters, guards, shopkeepers and tavern wenches.
    • Comments on Player actions and achievements: Leveling up, Looting, Crafting (Enchanting or Alchemy).

  • She has Customized Companion Attributes.
    • Her appearance is tweaked with an attempt to keep her regal looking.  Has custom makeup and hair but uses the body type and skin you have installed.  Her weight is 30.
    • Levels with the player character, her minimum is level 10 with no level cap.
    • Tweaked Combat AI, favoring spellcasting.
    • Has the Light Foot perk for avoiding traps.
    • AI Data changed to Aggressive behavior in combat, Foolhard confidence, allows any crime (except Winterhold murder), helps friends and allies.

  • She has Advanced AI features.

    • Will cast her own Custom Light Spell if it is dark outside or in a dungeon environment.  (Can be toggled via Tweaks dialog menu)
      • Her light spell is much warmer and softer than typical light spells as to not be blinding.
      • She will extinquish the light if the player character is sneaking or if she enters non-dungeon interiors.
      • You can ask her to cast light in any interior cell.
        • This allows you to cover interior locations that aren't covered by standard keywords.
        • You can ask her to not cast light in an interior cell that you've previously specified.

    • Will Sandbox when Idle(Can be toggled via Tweaks dialog menu)
      • This is designed somewhat like Serana or the Fallout 4 companions, where a certain amount of inactivity has to go by before she starts sandboxing.
      • Idling is cancelled almost immediately when the player is sneaking, has magic/weapon, is moving, or she goes beyond a certain distance from the player character.
      • Designed to be non-intrusive.  Will activate after the player has been idle for a short while.

    • Will Summon her own Horse when the player mounts up.  (Can be toggled via Tweaks dialog menu)

    • She has a Catch-Up Teleport ability if not in combat and at distant range from the player.

    • She will Completely Move Out of Your Way if you are in a combat pose and bump into her.

    • She can heal herself or the player, when heavily wounded in combat (at 40% health or less).  This can only be done once every 10 seconds and is dependent on package conditions.
    • She can heal herself or the the player, when out of combat, to top you or her off (at 70% health or less).  Can only be cast once every 10 seconds.
    • You can set her general Distance from You.  Affects in and out of combat range.  (via Tweaks dialog menu)

  • Mirabelle has several new Custom Spells.
    • She has a fire spell called Scorch that is a fireball with a damage-over-time component, that she acquires around level 17.
    • She can summon the traditional Flame Atronach, a Flame Wolf or a Flame Bear, depending on her current opponent.  She is more likely to summon the Atronach versus a flying or ranged opponent.  She will summon the Bear as a tank when facing strong melee opponents. She will summon the wolf against general dps melee attackers.  The Wolf and Atronach attacks scale with level.

  • Her Spells Scale as she goes up in level.
    • Mirabelle's offensive destruction spells start around 15% more powerful and increase in magnitude every 8 levels, up to level 48, where these spells are 75% more powerful.  Should also affect fire, frost or shock enchants on her clothing.
    • Her "neutral" defensive spells (Stoneflesh, Fast Healing, Steadfast Ward) also become more powerful over time.  They start 10% stronger and increase every 8 levels, up to level 48, making them  60% stronger. She only receives this bonus when not wearing armor.
    • Creatures that she can summon have a minimum level of 10 and scale their level to half of hers.
    • Her "Augmented" perks were removed in favor of scaling.

  • The player receives Lesser Powers for Managing Mirabelle via the Shout Key (upon recruiting her).
    • Call Mirabelle - Teleport Mirabelle to you if she gets lost, is in the way, cannot path, etc.
    • Command Mirabelle - Ask Mirabelle to do favors without having to speak to her or face her.

  • As you spend time with Mirabelle, you build a relationship with her (Romance).
    • She has a Relationship Rank that reaches four stages: Appreciation, Admiration, Adoration and finally Love.  Each stage takes 25 rank points to reach (explained below).
    • Spending time with her (as a follower) gradually raises her Relationship Rank.  Can be up to a point per hour (a random
    • chance).
    • Giving her gifts raises her Relationship Rank.  You can earn up to 12 Rank points with her per 6 hours, depending on the gold value of gifts given.  She will accept gems, circlets, rings, and soul gems.  Any gifts you give her are consumed (you cannot retrieve them from her inventory).
    • At the rank of Admiration, you can set her to a specific location when dismissed (normally she returns to the College when dismissed).
      • All of the vanilla city homes are supported.
      • You can optionally travel to any location in the game and set it to be her home.  This can be nearly anywhere, so you can use custom homes, in a cave, anywhere you want.  This must be a specific  interior location - you will be notified in-game if a location cannot be set.
      • Can be changed via Tweaks dialog menu.

    • At the rank of Adoration, she will give you gifts.
      • These can be gemstones, soul gems or minerals.
      • Happens around once per day if you are in a town or city.

    • Upon reaching the point that she Loves you, she can be Married.
      • You must have an Amulet of Mara equipped.
      • You simply ask her if she'd like to marry you and have a quiet ceremony (fade to black with a message) at Winterhold College.
      • You receive the meal and store benefits of regular marriage.
      • You receive the Lover's Comfort buff when sleeping anywhere near her (same cell).  It overrides the ill effects of beast blood.

    • If Married, you can Divorce her.
      • She will be angry at you and will leave your service (if a follower).  You won't be able to recruit her again for 24 hours.
      • Her Relationship Rank will be set back to 0.
      • You can opt to marry someone else using the standard Skyrim system.

  • She does not have outfit management.  However, she is wearing "costume" armor when recruited, which should allow you to equip her with any clothing or armor you wish.
    • Her initial outfit has been changed to the College Master Alteration Robes. It is switched to the costume outfit one time when she can be recruited.
    • She keeps Master College Robes in her inventory, that you can have her wear.
    • Regardless, you can force her to unequip all items via Tweaks dialog menu.

  • Optimized with xEdit.
    • Native Dialogue Edits were done on-purpose to adjust NPC comments about Mirabelle and cancel her default dialog when the Player reaches Arch-Mage rank.
  • NIF files optimized for Skyrim Special Edition.

Load Order:

  • Load after any College of Winterhold overhaul mods.
  • Load after any mods that tweak Mirabelle's appearance/behavior.
  • Load before multi-follower mods, unless those mods state otherwise.


  • Dismiss Mirabelle and go into a cell with no other npcs before uninstalling (to stop any Story Manager Events from firing).


  • Her custom companion system means that Mirabelle is unlikely to interfere with other mods.
    • She cannot be managed by AFT but will work alongside it.
    • She cannot be affected by Convenient Horses.  She will dismount during a fight.
    • Compatible with Cutting Room Floor, but I preferred the original Stoneflesh effect on her.
    • If you are using Amorous Adventures and complete her mini adventure, it will treat her as being dead.  Nothing technically game-breaking though.  Immersion breaking... possibly.
    • Works outside of any Perk overhaul mods but likely not affected by them.
    • Not compatible with any Mirabelle overhauls, if they exist.


  • This mod does feature scripted components.  Most of these are "fire and forget" style scripts.  Her sandboxing uses a
  • "RegisterForSingleUpdate" loop but shouldn't be an issue unless you are using many scripting intensive mods. I've used her alongside Serana, who has a similar sandboxing style, with zero issues.
  • Mirabelle might show up in locations that the game normally prevents followers from traveling to.
  • Sometimes Mirabelle's custom AI packages will freak out and she'll repeat a casting animation over and over.  Using the Call Mirabelle (teleport) power will re-evaluate her package stack and snap her out of it.
  • *As a Master Elementalist, she is stronger than vanilla game companions and her spell scaling does make her even stronger over time.  She is probably at the same level of most companion mods, since those followers tend to be rather powerful.  You might wish to raise your game difficulty when using her.
Resources Used:

  • Mod Resources: Her hair is from KS Hairdos, Skin parts from Frecklemania 2 and Maevan2's Eyebrows.
  • Software: NifSkope, SSE NIF Optimizer, SSEEdit, Audacity, Creation Kit 64, RaceMenu (Sculpted in Oldrim).

Used in Screenshots

  • SweetFX 2.0 (64 bit), Vivid Weathers, Bodyslide SE with UUNP by caliente/ousnius, Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy, Pero Pero Robes by Gomaperopero, Maevan2's eye brows by Maevan2, Rustic Clothing by Gamwich, UUNP body, Dawn of Skyrim by BluePianoTwo (converted by Shiverwitch and Lykann), Lind's Spellslinger and Woodland Alchemist.