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Skyrim's forge water still looks terrible; fortunately, this solves the problem!

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So, I think we can all agree that the water in the blacksmith forge trough looks.. less than satisfactory. Static texture, hardly reflective, just not really nice looking at all!

This mod fixes that entirely. Every single forge in the game is now outfitted with fancy reflective, refractive, animated water! This mod's original creator is rolloLG, he gave me permission to completely redo a good deal of the mod for compatibility reasons, ease of use, and of course, to work with Skyrim: SE.

Plugin selection is pretty simple; if you use the Unofficial Patch, pick the USSEP version. If, for some reason you don't, pick the vanilla version. One or the other.


So, the Nexus is currently doing something very strange, and won't let me upload the correct version of the .zip that contains the USSEP version. What happens instead is that it replaces it upon uploading with the non-USSEP version, and I have absolutely no idea why. You can grab the USSEP version here temporarily until I fix this:


Should be compatible with any mod that doesn't edit forge location, or add new ones, including Open Cities Skyrim!


If you notice any weird seams or bugs with the water at any of the forges, let me know and I'll fix them up.