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Gain access to the College of Winterhold, services and sidequest without being forced into the main questline.

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Annoyed by the fact, that you have to get involved into the College of Winterhold troubles nearly every playthrough, even if you aren't interested in magic or just want to use some of their services?

Skyrim forces you to join the College, e.g. start their corresponding questline if:

  • You advance the Dawnguard quest.
  • You want to do some of the sidequests, usually as a mage character or trade with some of the NPCs (Faralda won't trade with you as long as you didnt complete her trial).
  • You simply want to explore the College or complete the quest "No Stone Unturned".

Don't be any longer.


  • Get access to the College in an immersive way. You still have to complete Faraldas challenge to be allowed to enter their grounds but you aren't forced into their quest line any more. If you change your mind, just talk to Mirabelle Ervine as usual to get your tour and the plot will start. 
  • Don't worry to enter the main hall and approach Tolfdir . He won't think you're an apprentice as long as you don't take the tour by Mirabelle Ervine.
  • Archmage quarters can be accessed without completing any quest but require some pickpocketing or lockpicking ;)
  • With exception of some followers, you can complete any (radiant) sidequests like the master ritual quests and trade with their vendors without starting the college questline.
  • Any relevant USSEP changes are forwarded in this mod.
  • Mod is cleaned.

Why did you make this mod? / There are already existing (Oldrim) mods!

I made this mod for immersion. I don't like to be forced into quests and neither I like to be quest locked into major parts of the gameworld. 
There are a couple of mods out there which, in my personal opinion, do not act like i wanted or have some major problems, as reported in their comment sections. 

FAQ / Compatibility notes

This mod should not break anything and was tested by myself extensively. It may only be incompatible to mods that try to achieve the same. It is compatible to anything else, including USSEP, Ordinator, Texture and mesh replacers, etc.