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Where I'll be uploading my selection of Pop Culture hero and heroine Looksmenu Presets :)

Current lineup... Black Widow, Selene from Underworld and Pepper Potts! Plus a little Jessica Jones preview....

More to come...

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Heroes of the Commonwealth!
(OR... The Result of Many Obsessive Hours Spent with my Nose Pressed to a 48" Screen)

This'll be the Vault where I'll be uploading my selection of Pop Culture hero and heroine Looksmenu Presets :)
As an addition to any Female presets, I'd HIGHLY recommend the War Veteran Female Sole Survivor mod by Holychocmilk! The changes are subtle, but EXTREMELY effective - and I can hardly see any of the ladies below with a background in Law. Apart from Ms Potts, I suppose...

One of my first requests was Jessica Jones, and since you've all been so lovely - a preview!
(Actually, it's totes selfish - Ninargh needs your feedback ;) 

Our Line-Up

The Black Widow 2.0 Pack

I kinda felt like Widow needed... a bit more tweaking. So I made some adjustments geared toward a touch more realism, in my opinion at least. She looks meaner, if anything.

Don't worry, 1.0 is still up if people prefer her!

Black Widow 1a (circa Avengers Assemble)
Black Widow 1b (circa Age of Ultron)
Black Widow 2 (circa Iron Man 2)
Black Widow 3 (circa The Winter Soldier - The hair isn't still COMPLETELY exact, but I like this version better than the last, and it's a much closer fit - just a touch too long.)

Black Widow 1a, 1b and 3Prudy Vault Jumpsuit
Black Widow 2: Vest, Shirt & Skirt Black from Ashara FO4 Under Armours


The Selene Underworld Pack
(As requested by Sleepytime)

The Death Dealer. Roam the commonwealth as Selene, the Vampire's fighting and hunting elite. 

Selene 1 (Hunter mode)
Selene 2 (Human camouflage - slightly more... tidied up?)

Outfit: Precursor Suit and Coat 


The Pepper Potts Pack
(As requested by Claysson2)

Navigate the ruins of your former life... as the once long suffering PA, now transformed badass Pepper! Master of negotiation. Impressive tactical Handler of Tony Stark.

Pepper Potts 1 (circa IM 1)
Pepper Potts 2 (circa IM 2)
Pepper Potts 3 (circa the end of IM3. Darth Pepper, shall we say)

Pepper Potts 1: White Vest, Shirt & Trousers from Ashara FO4 Under Armours 
Pepper Potts 2: Black Vest, Shirt & Skirt from Ashara FO4 Under Armours
Pepper Potts 3: Sleeveless Outfit (Short Top) of Eli's Armour Collection Remade


And YEAH. I made a studio. Was COMPLETELY sick of having to use bloody wait function OR use the damn console to get the lighting right.
So I made my own. Though, I'm pretty certain I'll tweak that too...
Besides, who doesn't like a custom backdrop?

Coming Soon, as per request, we've got some guys in the mix!:
Jessica Jones
Matthew Mcconaughey
(circa True Detective, Interstellar)
Jeremy Renner (Marvel's Hawkeye) 
Anne Hathaway (circa Dark Knight Rises - Catwoman)
Bill Murray - (circa Ghostbusters)
Bruce Campbell - Sam Axe

Black Widow 1.0
Black Widow: Natalia "Natasha" Alianovna Romanova

Storm across the wasteland as Marvel's deadly Natasha Romanov - gymnast, former KGB agent and Avenger; legendary master of spycraft and disguise! 

Black Widow (circa Avengers Assemble)
Black Widow alt (circa Age of Ultron)
Black Widow 2 (circa Iron Man 2)
Black Widow 3 (circa The Winter Soldier - The hair isn't quite right on this one. Believe it or not, in the barrage of CharGen mods below, I couldn't find one QUITE right. But I reckon she could rock the fringe, so it's up like that.))

Outfit: Prudy Vault Jumpsuit 


LooksMenu Customization Compendium
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE Curvy
Commonwealth Cuts - KS Hairdos - ApachiiSkyHair
HD Smile
Valkyr Female Face Texture
Wasteland Salon
X2c Vivid Eyes
True Eyes - Fallout 4
Immersive Mouth and Teeth
H.U.E Handmace Unique Eyes
deLuxe Eye and Lip Masks

Google Search:
MoreHairstyles2 - Needed the MoreBeards.esp & More Hairstyles4Male.esp for our expansion into dudes

ENB Preset: Enhanced Wasteland Preset