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2 Looksmenu Presets

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Ana was a normal PreWar person that survived the atomic bombs by hidding the vault. After that, she went outside to see what happened to world that she was living on, but only thing that was left from it was something we know as Wastelands. In some further gruesome and brutal events she adapted to the new world, abandoned her name, and became Kira, the Raider Queen. Yeah......something like that w/e.

Anyway, i just wanted to create 2 immersive and different Presets based on one face.

2.Required mods 

(For those who are not familiar with it):

-Download .rar you want, take .json file from it, and then paste it inside folder "Preset" you can find by following this folder's path:  
steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\F4EE

-(If you want to change PC) While in-game,  open console (default key "~")  and type slm player

-(If you want to change any other famale character) While in-game,  open console (default key "~"), click on character you want to change to see his ID (top of the console). Type the given ID after slm      For example:   slm 00002f1f  (if you want to change Piper)

-When the creation menu will open,  press R or open PRESET tab and find one named Ana or Kira

-Hit enter or do whatever you like with it

4.Additional Settings

Im currently using ENB like PILGRIM, ReShade and SweetFX in my game, so dont be mad if she won't look Exactly like on my screenshot :(