About this mod

Having difficulty making a female character? Tired of seeing Nora everywhere or making characters in general? Here's a preset LooksMenu character for you, created by myself-Greywind920, after receiving many requests to upload my personal character as a preset. Enjoy and please endorse if you like it!
(Press R in "looksmenu" for presets)

Permissions and credits
Greywind920's Blonde Ambition character preset requires certain mods from nexus in order to work properly and get the exact look. Body mods ARE optional. (Note you may only have ONE character preset for YOUR player at a time) They are all as listed and linked below-

For Face/Hair(required)-
Looks Menu
Looks Menu CC

Commonwealth Cuts
Eyes Of Beauty

For Body(all are optional and compatible)-
(use whichever one you please, if at all)
Atomic Beauty
Josie Body LooksMenu Preset

Unzipped Vault suit (requires CBBE and AWKC)

Please share, endorse, anything you can to help would be greatly appreciated. And I do take requests depending on what you are asking for and if it is within my capabilities. Feel free to leave a comment or message to get in touch. Also let me know if the preset shows up and works for you or not or if it makes your game explode. Feedback of any sort always welcome!!
I spent longer than I would like to admit creating this character so you don't have to!!
Thankyou and enjoy!!

* If anyone is interested in the male MacCready preset shown in the photos here is the link:
Greywind920's Custom MacCready LooksMenu preset