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Downloadable save file for my character Abbie that I use in my screenshots and Weekly Mods videos. Now comes with LooksMenu preset to make it easier to apply on already existing character and a fresh start (about to exit Vault)

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FaceRipper Savefile | Vault Exit Savefile | LooksMenu Face Preset

06/05/2016: Added a LooksMenu Preset & Fresh Start Savegame!
28/05/2016: Thanks for 1k downloads! Enjoy!

So, some people have commented and sent me messages asking me to upload my Fallout 4 character that I use for screenshots and videos because they want to use her for their game. So, here you are. You can now use either the Vault Exit (fresh) savegame, or the LooksMenu preset! If you decide to play on my save, you will first spawn into one of my builds (Cottage House), which requires mods such as Homemaker and SSEX; it can look weird.

I have added a savefile where you are about to exit the vault, from there Abby is in your hands!

In order to make her look just like my Abby you will need some of the mods that I use, they are only make-up mods or mods that change textures slightly for example eye texture mod or a skin mod. All of the moods are listed down below, so make sure you have the same mods in order to make her look just like the original.

Mods that I use:


Body Mods

- It is not required, but I use it so that she has custom body. It is not required for the face, but please not that the face texture mod that I use requires CBBE / I think there is a texture for the vanilla game too.

Ida Body Texture (CBBE) - this is simply a body texture for CBBE, make sure to use it if you are using CBBE; this texture looks better and more realistic than the default ones.

Face Mods

Valkyr Female Face - This mod is part of the Ida Body Texture, it is made specially for CBBE as the normal version does not work properly with CBBE. Install this mod to get the nice texture for the face and use "Textured" version on your characters to get the same skin as Abby.

deLuxe Makeup- This mod basically changes the textures for the makeup that you apply. It makes it look more realistic, modern and better in my opinion.

True Eyes - This is an amazing eyes mod, it makes them look very realistic and beautiful. Make sure to install this mod, as otherwise Abby will be missing that something which is her beautiful eyes.

Commonwealth Cuts - This is the hair mod, and basically you need this mod otherwise your character will be bald.

Appealing Moles - And last, is the appealing moles mod that just makes them look better unlike the vanilla game which goes over the top with moles and just makes them look bad.

LooksMenu - this mod is required if you want to use the preset; FaceRipper is currently broken, and LooksMenu is a great alternative!