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Aesthetic face morphs / hair swap for the companions. Make Fallout 4 the waifu / hasubando simulator it's meant to be.

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~ Make Fallout 4 the Waifu / Hasubando simulator it's meant to be! ~ 

Separate downloads for each character :) 

* New  "All in One" merged options  *
* Now Includes 2 versions of Cait ! *


Commonwealth Cuts - KS Hairdos - ApachiiSkyHair

Looks Menu Customization Compendium

- Requires LooksMenu and therefore, F4SE

More Custom Eyes Options
- For X6-88's white eyes specifically


Eyes of Beauty
- Makes their eye game 100%, overwrite over  "More Custom Eyes Options"

Deluxe Makeup

- Eyeliner game 100%, Fixes Fallout 4's chola lip liners

Photo Light
- Adds a craft-able, flattering light over people's faces with varying intensity options, the super bright ones would make their heads a flashlight tho

Awesome video by theDeluxeSam ^_^ !


You can use any of their faces as a face preset for your character by using the "slm" command on the characters and saving their face as a preset with the LooksMenu mod

Face texture used: Read HD Face Textures 2K
ENB used: Film Workshop (Used my own configurations)

Outfits in screenshots:

Curie: French Maid // GITS Motoko Kusanagi // Femshepping's Ports
Cait: Toxic Raider Armour
X6-88: HN66S Sirius. 12 Assault Suit

Curie: I made like 6 other versions for Curie that I'll upload later
Cait: Does not come with tattoos
Deacon: Changes his sunglasses for rimmed glasses so you can see his eyes, still wears the pompadour wig and all his random outfits
Gage: Probably don't need to be said but... you need the Nuka Cola DLC 
X6-88: Removes his sunglasses so you can see his eyes (Might still show up though, woops)

My other mod :)
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