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Using the awesome Commonwealth Cuts mod I've created a mod which adds 80 handcrafted settlers into your game.

Permissions and credits
This is my first mod and I owe a debt of gratitude to JTesmer and rbddc12 for helping me figure out how to make this.

( Works with Better Settlers )



* I have created a new version of this without moles and freckles for anyone who does not have or want to download Appealing Moles.  As a result, I have made Appealing Moles a requirement of the main file.  If you use the main file but do not have Appealing Moles almost half of your settlers will look they have some flesh eating bacteria on their faces (see the images that tat2atco submitted for an example).  It's in the optional files.

* I also uploaded all of my saved game files that I used to create the settlers.  With these, in conjunction with the photo album of id's that I've also made available, you can customize your settlers to your own liking.  This should appeal to anyone with the LooksMenu Customization Compendium mod or to anyone who wants more individual customization for their settlers.  I included a tutorial on how to make edits and have them show up in your game and I wrote it like you don't know the first thing about how to go about doing this, so it should be pretty clear.  Feel free to message me if you need any help, though.  If you''re going to use LMCC to edit settlers, you need to add that .esp file to my mod's Masters List in FO4Edit.


Commonwealth Cuts is one of my favorite mods on here but outside of using the hair on your character and companions that leaves well over 100 hairstyles that you can't do anything with, so I set out to change that.  It was my goal to try and be as diverse as possible, adding plenty of eye candy while maintaining a healthy balance of "normal" looking people.  Aside from the hair, everyone was crafted using the vanilla character creation assets I also used THBrows and Appealing Moles. No ghouls were harmed or replaced in the making of this mod.

Photo album with every settler face


Commonwealth Cuts - KS Hairdos (I used version 2.2, if it matters)
Appealing Moles

Strongly Recommended

Wasteland Salon (This wasn't used in the creation of this mod, I downloaded it after the fact, but I'd recommend it because it greatly increases the quality of vanilla hair textures, which I used a few of.)


I tested this to see if it would play nice with other settler mods, specifically Better Settlers (which I recommend for increased immersion) and Settlers Enhanced - Commonwealth Cuts and it does!  To use with BS you should move my mod behind it, to use with SECC you'll want to place my mod ahead of it in the load order.  I'm not sure if you really need mine after BS but when I tried spawn spamming settlers for testing the only way I could get mine to show up was by doing it this way.

Update: 7/13/16 - I tested for compatibility with Beautiful Female Settlers (BFS - Non Replacer) and they work together as well.  Put Beautiful Female Settlers v. 2.0 - Non Replacer.esp after my mod in your load order.

Update: 7/18 -  Tested with Don't Call Me Settler and it totally works, though user dmoon5752 has stated that there's an issue if you change the percentage of male and female settlers, so don't do that.

(A settler from my mod intermixed with Better Settlers)

Helpful Tips

I do not how the game chooses the settlers that it generates into the game but based on my experience it goes in order.  If you're using this with Better Settlers you may want to try this:  

Go into any of your settlements, preferably a larger one like Sanctuary, open up console commands and type (without quotations) "player.placeatme 20593 20" and that will produce a random assortment of 20 settlers.  From there you're going to open up workshop mode, highlight any specific settler and you'll be able to send them to a location of your choosing.  This is just an easier way to increase diversity if you're not getting a decent mix of settlers.

Thanks to Cthulhuandme for this one:  You can also open up console commands, click on a settler and input recycleactor.  Just keep entering that in until you get the desired results.


Install using NMM.  Make sure that this mod appears in your load order after KSHairdos.esp.  If you're using multiple settler mods follow what I outlined in the Compatibility section for best results.  Bear in mind that when using multiple settler mods the first 24-ish settlers will be replaced by whichever settler mod is loaded last.

Optional FIles

* I've added a photo album with every settler face along with their in-game id number to make it easier for anyone to further customize them to their liking.  


Once you get to the id's that begin with "a6", those two numbers will change depending on where this mod is in your load order.  Check your NMM, look at plugins, find this mod and see what number it is in your load order.  You'll replace all instances of "a6" with your own number.

* Saved game files with names that correspond to the images.  Use this to customize my settlers to your liking!  Includes instructions on how to make that happen.

* ESO KS Hairdos (No Moles) - I went through and painstakingly edited every settler to remove all moles and freckles so they don't look like freaks to anyone who does not have Appealing Moles installed.


imAarwyn (for the killer mod)
JTesmer (likewise and for the help)
rbddc12 (for the help)

Tools Used

Face Ripper

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