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Meet Eppie, a budding photographer from South Africa, who's looking for someone to travel with and share her awful photography jokes...

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Companion Eppie

Meet Eppie, the fun and happy South African girl who's into photography and travel. Meet up with her and enjoy her jokes and thoughts, as well as her amazing handling of a Security Ripper.

*** Voiced by South African DJ Briony Sparg ***

Eppie is NOT a fully-fledged companion, and therefore there is no affinity or romance scenes. Eppie does however have the following features:

Ask her for her thoughts, or for a photography joke
Pickup and dismiss her to settlements
Trade with her - but don't take her ProSnap Camera!
She will converse in combat and when directing her
Comes with her own bespoke BodySlide outfit (Slider Set included)

Eppie can be found loitering outside of East Boston Preparatory School, north of the Airport and just east of the Boston Police Station. Just go up to her and recruit her like any other normal companion. You can ask her who she is first, or just ask her straight up to travel with you.

Please note, when in Power Armor, you will not be able to ask Eppie to tell you a joke which may be a blessing, if you've already heard enough of them...

If you find any bugs with Eppie, please add them to the bug section. Please bear in mind that there will be no expansion of this companion, so affinity will not be included. I am currently working on another companion as well, this was just one I wanted to try because I had the jokes all saved up :-)

Requirements - PLEASE READ!

The Eyes Of Beauty

The above two mods are 100% REQUIRED to make Eppie work. If you don't have them installed and loaded before this mod, Eppie will have vanilla hair and eyes.

The meshes for Eppie's clothes were created with the help of Hmm..What To Wear by Nightasy.