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    2.5 is out!
    Please make sure you download the "Fixes for 2.5" as well, it includes missing texture files.
    There's 14 new styles for female, and 6 for male. Also, some previously removed hairs are back from the dead!


    The Far Harbor hats will only show up if you have Far Harbor! Else, they'll be bald.


    Q: "My character is bald, help "
    A: You need to make sure you made the necessary ini edits. http://wiki.tesnexus.com/index.php/Fallout_4_Mod_Installation. Also, with the game's 1.5 update mods are integrated a little differently. Make sure your NMM is up to date, then install with that and check your esp. Next, go in game and under the "Mods" section you must activate the esp there as well. If you use Mod Organizer or this does not work, check to make sure things aren't installed Data/Data/meshes, if they are, move the folders so there's only one Data folder. Or, try manually installing to your Fallout 4/ folder and check the esp in NMM. Additionally, it may be a OneDrive issue. Try copying your custom ini file from your non-One Drive documents folder into the one in your One Drive. Fix courtesy bella5441371 and Christina on YouTube.

    I've now made a video tutorial for those still stuck.

    Q: "Bethesda.net? Consoles?"
    A: Xbox One version is here! https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/fallout4/mod-detail/1058729 A PS4 version is not currently possible.
    Q: "Hats clip into all the hairs?"
    A: Yup. That's why there's hat versions. Atm we're not going to go back and make it so all 150 hairs cut off when you put on a hat because we'd have to redo pretty much everything. Some versions with hats can fit other types of hats over them (the first hat will disappear). You can request a hat version, or if you're proficient in Outfit Studio and Fo4Edit, make your own version of the hair that won't clip in the hat. Here's a mini tutorial http://goo.gl/q4uTcx.
    Q: "There's a forehead gap/ forehead clips into hair?"
    A: In case you haven't noticed forehead size is adjustable in Fallout 4, and unless there are bangs it is impossible to place the hair so it fits every size forehead. We made it so at least the smallest to medium size foreheads would fit under without clipping. If the gap bothers you, or you forehead doesn't fit, adjust your character's forehead with the console code "slm 14."

  2. Uncle Roe
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    Been using this mod for years and ran into my first problem with it only a few days ago. The hairstyle is itill in the game, i got other mods using it for npcs and presets and they show up just fine for them but for some reason i can't get them to show up in player customization anymore. It's not just this mod either but also the Azar ponytails. I had these forever working and for some reason they just didn't show up in my menu's anymore. Anyone know a fix for this?

    EDIT: After some troubleshooting i figured out it was the race customizer mod. I was hoping it would be compatible with hair mods but no joy i guess. Oh well i got it figured out at least.
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    If you take requests could you make a titanium pb and a press cap combo? Thats my favorite hair to use but the in game hat doesn't fit.
  4. MrOtakulovesanime
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    I tried every single fix that i could find but i'm still getting bald head problem. Just thinking about all the time i wasted on this infuriates me. But then i got it to work and now i'm very pleased.
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      why dont you share the fix with everyone?
  5. lolBlackHeartlol
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    am i stupid or something? how do i actually change the hairstyle of a companion? wheres the menu I'm seeing in these videos?
  6. Spaidy29
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    what face and body mods are you using?
  7. babydiehard
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    Am I the only one purposely download the older version to get one more hairstyle?
  8. TsukiDragon
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    If you are using Mod Organizer 2, the .ini file edits shown in the video by Gopher must be done through Mod Organizer 2 using the .ini editor under the tools icon. Edits done in the documents section do not affect Mod Organizer 2
  9. dzorro
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    I was wondering if there is a fix i already used these line


    But still some settlers spawn with bald head and other spawn with normal hair. is this how it suppose to be i thought everyone should have hair.
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    Beautiful mod! love such a choice in hairs but I came across one I cannot recall seeing before in all my playthroughs using this mod, it was like a huge braid almost to the floor! It looked beautiful but I was wondering where it came from, and whether it would be possible to enable physics for it so it flowed naturally.
  11. Psywizard
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    Wow! Great mod! Unfortunately, I'm now having trouble picking between them! :D

    ps...had zero problems installing and using this mod. Endorsed!