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This is my first proper attempt at making a reasonably nice looking character :) Yuki is an Asian girl that packs a punch! Or, a pistol depending on how you play your game :)

This is a save game, saved just before exiting Vault 111, I've collected all the weapons, bits of junk, Radroach meat and the Vault Suit - New from the box as well as all the ammo from the containers. You have the option of changing the stats, name, hairstyle etc. before leaving the vault.

The following are REQUIRED mods, Yuki will not look like the pictures without these:

The following are not necessarily required, but will enhance the look (I used these to create her):

If you have any questions or if the she doesn't look quite right even after installing the mods above, let me

The save is called yuki.fos - just extract and put in your Saves folder in Documents -> My Games -> Fallout4.

Note: There may be a warning that pops up when you load, telling you that there are missing mods. These are not required, they are just ones I had already installed when I saved the game - so not to worry, as long as you've installed the required mods. You will be prompted on download anyway.