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a looksmenu face preset modeled to look like Lucy MacLean from the Fallout TV show, played by the talented Ella Purnell.

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Okey dokey!

Hope you enjoy this preset, hope it looks like Lucy/Ella to you. I'm not completely satisfied with it so there may be future updates but for now I think it looks pretty good. IF anyone knows a better/more accurate hairstyle, let me know, truly struggled to find one. Also why can't we do custom hair colors??

Shout out to Ella Purnell for being gorgeous and being great as Lucy in the show. awesome character.

I will likely try to model others, namely Maximus I would really like to do but I did try it already and failed very hard so who knows if that'll ever come. maybe ghoulgins as well but I'll probably do Maximus first if anything. lmk if that's something you'd like.

Notes on the mod:
There is a little sharp bit near the chin. Hardly noticeable, didn't know how to get rid of it without a skyrim-level face mesh editor.

You will need a number of mods in order for the preset to work. They are in the requirements thing.

Required Mods
Kalilies Brows FO4 Edition
Eye Normal Map Fix
512 Standalone Hair Colors  (i know this one seems excessive but its tiny and fo4 has like 2 default hair colors and neither is dark brown for some reason)
Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar V2.5A
Commonwealth Cuts - KS Hairdos - ApachiiSkyHair

pretty standard stuff, you probably have half of it already.

Suggested/Recommended, But Not Necessary Mods

There a number of mods that are *Not required*  but help recreate Lucy even more accurately, so I recommend them:

Lucy's Vault-Tec Backpack

Vault 33 Jumpsuit Addon - Classic Vault Outfits Packwhich requires:

Classic Vault Outfits Pack

Thanks for coming by!

Oh also shoutout to the other people making their own lucy presets! modern day sculptors. back in the day everyone just made a sculpture of david. now we just make them of lucy maclean.