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Android 18- FALLOUT Attempt.
Includes a save file and/or a looks-menu face preset. the save file works better but if you don't want to restart that's fine. read description for more.

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Android 18 Preset
October 23, 2018
Before you post any comments, keep in mind this is only a face preset/save file. there is no body u must use your own desired files. this is a Fallout version of Android 18. not an anime.

Restarted her face from scratch! this is my third attempt at this after dropping it for so long! i hope this relieves some angery fans lol.

Description: Presenting! now version 1.06 is my new FO4 spin off of The Dragon ball Z/DragonballSupers' Android 18! I rekindled my efforts after  giving up for so long to ensure that i get it as close as possible as i can without turning her into a busty BOBBLE-HEAD. This version is a lot closer to her in the Anime than my last few Attempts, i am Slowly getting Better :). This, as of now, is THE CLOSEST that i can get you guys to Android 18. I am only leaving her as a SAVE FILE, due to personal update issues with Looks-menu. till then, this is where she sits, 

Requirements/Suggested mods: 
Atomic Beauty 

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- (and Bodyslide duh)

Suicide Bunny's AtomicB Preset
 (most realistic)

Commonwealth cuts (hair)

Ks Hairdos - Addon(s) with physics (only if you want hair to move accurately)

Android - Synth Girl 2.5 (If you want the outfit in the Screenshots, it adds a nice  android look :) i recommend)