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She knows why they're here, why they are all here!

Why not bring a little fallout beyond to the commonwealth!

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Fallout Beyond

She knows why they're here, why they are all here!
It seems the Zeta's are up to some devilishly fiendish goings on and this sole survivor plans to end them once and for all.
Could this be the end of the Commonwealth? Will they succeed in finishing off the Earth?  Or can she help the Brotherhood uncover the real reasons why the great war started and put a stop to their evil plot to finish us off?

Before anyone says something yes I know this isn't a literal replication preset of the popular character from that well-known movie and yes I also know she doesn't have the proper movie style makeup but I wasn't aiming for a literal translation, this Character preset is my own Fallout Beyond version of Jaylah and just like my other characters I always like to give them a little backstory. :)