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Twelve face presets I made for FO4 over the last several months.

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What's to tell? Download with your mod manager and use them on who you want. You can use the console to bring up LooksMenu for any npc or you can use the face change ring from This Mod. Note that some generic npc's faces(think settlers) cannot be changed this way. But, almost all named npcs and followers can be. If you have a problem, I will try to help.

To look like the images, I have listed the mods needed in the requirement section. Only Looks Menu is actually required, but, the faces will not look the same without most of those.

If you would like a nice curvy, slender body to go with these- then check this.

For some tattoo sets and my Goldilocks BS preset check here.

I forgot to mention that I also use F4ECC. I use the less dark version.