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So, after more than 1700 hours of gameplay, i think most of us starts to mess around building settlement, change npc's appearance, triyng creation kit, giving our personal touch to other autors' mods. This is what am i doing since the quarantine started, and here you will find my collection of character presets.

Permissions and credits
So, since they are just presets and i don't want to create a new page on nexus every time i make a new one, i will just put them all together, i think it will make easy to people find my stuff and easy for me, in the future to get it again (because Sometimes i wipe my whole game by use shift+del).

My presets were made to be used with Fusion Girl Body, so they all carry bodyslide data that you will need to adjust if you are using fusion girl, like me, and your base body, plus my presets, result in something weird. Fusion Girl still not Essential, but other mods will be, if you want to make the presets look like my screenshots.

Some presets will have meshe files related to clothes, like Piper Preset, that i edited her cap to avoid clipping with her hair. Others will have texture files related to eyes or hair, like Curie Preset, that i chose from the main eye mod a custom one.

For now i have presets for the following NPCs:


Now, the requiriments for face textures and shape:

Looks Menu  Customization Compendium
Female Neck Tweaks - Editor's Coice v2
Oni Cute Asian Face Parts
Human Commons Realistic Teeth
Natural Expression Fix(Nomore Cartoon Face)
No Expression Creases and Wrinkles
The Eyes Of Beauty Fallout edition (only the vanilla eyes)
Valkyr Female Face 1.1
Fusion Girl
Fusion Girl LooksMenu In-Game Sliders and BodyGen (Don't install the bodygen)
Radiation Queen - Fusion Girl - CBBE - Skin Textures

Now, presets with "Extended" on name will need Extended Facial Sculpting

As i said, you don't neet to use fusion girl, but my presets have data that change the body if you are using it with the in-game sliders mod. For the base body shape i'm using Josie Body, but i don't remenber now if it is one personal edited version.

The requiriments for Hair:

Hair Tones Redux - A Hair Color Overhaul (Only "Hair Tones Redux - LMCC" file)
Commonwealth Cuts - KS Hairdos - ApachiiSkyHair and Commonwealth Cuts - Vanilla Match Hair Retextures:
Kasumi and Tina
ANiceOakTree's Hairstyles and ANiceOakTree's Hairstyles - Vanilla Match Retextures:
<Misc Hairstyles 1.6 by Atheriz>, <Misc Hairstyles Phisics 1.1> and <Misc Hairstyles Vanilla Match Textures>, found on google:
Cait, Curie and Piper.
And to better match all colors: Oni vanilla hair re-texture (vanilla color new alpha)


And now some tricks to change Piper, Curie and your Spouse appeacance (makes no difference if are husband or wife).

For Piper, i don't know why, but every time you try to change her appearance using SLM command, it will become permanently messy on next loads, but if you use a mod that change her appearance using one esp or esl file it will not happens, and you can edit her using SLM command as much as you want, if you intent to use one preset on her, use one esp mod together, i'm using FRDZ Piper preset, because i like it and it have one vanilla version that don't call any other mod. This is the simpler solution for people, like me, who don't know how to use CK or FO4Edit to make things work. My shame.

For Curie you will need to use some commands before be able to change her appearance. For some reason that i don't know why, she have more IDs than other characters and you will need to change her Base ID appearance before change her Ref ID appearance. To do so you will need to do the following steps:
First use "player.placeatme 1647c6", it will Spawn one "Base ID Curie".
After that, click on this spawned NPC and use SLM command with the ID on the middle of your screen. Load one preset or edit her appearance the way you like, after you finish, press enter just like you do every time you are editing someone's appearance.
Then use "disable" and "markfordelete", to erase the NPC you have created using "placeatme".
After that you can safely edit your Companion Curie appearance using "slm 102249", but need to be exactly the same alteration you did on the Base NPC.

For your Spouse, Aaaaah, i found this trick recently and was eager to share with you. Trying to fix the hair of your deceased beloved one, messed after uninstall one hair mod? Trying to change him or her after suddenly had a new idea for gameplay, but don't wanna loose all misselaneous stuff did till now? Is more easy than you think. First of all, you will need to travel to vault 111 and stay close to Nate or Nora. Then you will use the following commands:

If you are changing Deceased Nora appearance, you will type on console "prid a7d38" and press Enter. Next to you will Spawn one invisible thing that every time you pass the crosshair will show "NORA ACESS MEMORY".
After That you will type "slm a7d38" and load the preset that you want to apply on the deceased body, then exit the slm menu like you do when you are change someone's appearance.
After that, type on console "disable" and "recycleactor", to put this invisible NPC where it belongs.
So, you will need to click on your spouse body and use SLM on her ID and load the new appearance. Voila, job is done.

To edit Nate's appearance, you will do the same thing, but instead using "prid a7d37" in the first step.