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Preset. Usable for all Companions. Tutorial Video included. No Esp Needet.

Permissions and credits

Please read the Requirements carefully. Dont say you would like to use this but there are too much Requirements. Read down below.

Donations are appreciated. 

Please also watch the Tutorial Video down belows on how to apply Presets to Npc`s and Companions. I decided to use Presets for the Future instead of Esp`s, because we are living in an Age where People have to place to waste for :D

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Tutorial Video in Link below!

Click here for the Tutorial Video

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This Mod doesnt have Conflicts, since it is only a Preset. How to apply Presets on NPC`s and Companions? Shown in a Video below!

Mods used for Ghostly Fortune Teller Preset

LooksMenu + LooksMenuCompendium + LooksMenuTatoosRequired = Needet for everything ( Tatoos Optional tho )

KS Hairdos and KS Hair Addon = Required = Needet for the Hairstyle

Eyes of the Universe = Required = If you want the eyes!

HN66s and XAZOMNs Distinctive Teeth for FO4 = Optional but suggested!

- Body Texture doesnt matter, you can use whatever you want

- Face Texture is Valkyre Face Texture = They are optional, unless you want the exact Look like on the Pictures. You can try using other Face Textures aswell.

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- = Required or Optional, depends on the Texture Mods you use. Valkyrie Face and all the other Mods support other Body Types aswell.

deLuxe Makeup = Optional = Not sure if needet, but iam using it for Years.

Future Plans

- None lul


Author - Vermilllion
Photographer - Reaper