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This will be my first mod.

It is going to be an NPC appearance overhaul. How original...right?

It is going to be a mashup of various overhauls, presets, and my own work (small additions for now that will grow).

Permissions and credits
(Don't mind the Mama Murphy own error that won't be in the mod/s)

Hello there.

Welcome to my first attempt at releasing a mod.  I am going to keep it simple and offer only edits to the appearance of NPC's and small modifications to their perks, items, clothing, and armor.

I will first release a verson that only affects NPC physical appearance.


I will also be seeking permissions regarding The looksmenu presets I adjust and edit for the NPC's made by others.

Please feel free to mention if you recognize a preset I have not given proper credit for.  I don't want anyone thinking that someone else's hard work is mine. (I was foolish and didn't track everything when I was first starting.  I am fairly sure I remembered everyone...but I will gladly pull any work that someone does not want me using.)


************************Do not use assets from this/these mod/s in your own release without permission**********************************

I have to get quite a few permissions to release the entire collection I am building. I want the hard work of the original authors to have the proper credit and respect for their work.

Faces specifically identified as my work are free to be used as long as credit is given (But seriously...why would you bother when I am using works by much more talented people? And...if enough people want it...I will make a version that does not include my own NPC I know they won't be as good as some others).


Planned Release
Full releases will be on their own mod if you decide to follow this then also keep an eye out for the "packages" as they become available.  "Sanctuary NPC's" "Bandits"....and such.  I am going to first release "simple" version.  This one will require only mods aimed at appearance of the face, hair, eyes, mouth, and body shape.  The more complex version will require various outfit and NPC mods...that one will take longer as it will require quite a few permissions. Finally...I also plan on releasing a "clean" version that is as vanilla friendly as possible while retaining the look. ( is a lot to plan, but fortunately the "versions" aside from the clean can be done at the same time. I am just waiting to see if I have permission from each outfit and armor mod author to release it.  If that fails I'll get creative.)

I know these kinds of mods have been done over and over...I know I am not doing anything groundbreaking. But what I am trying to do is gather as many permissions of NPC overhauls, facepresets, and other appearance mods and bring them together into what I prefer.  I know I can make pretty people (Don't judge the inital releases...I am focusing on cohesion so as the works grow my NPC faces will change)...but there are some mod authors that make simply stunning characters...I want to try and capture that in one playthrough.  I just want to share that work and get experience actually releasing mods.

**There is a small amount of clipping with MSG Hartfield and the MM hat.  I will be editing that in later releases as well as offering a FG compatible version of the outfit included in the Minutemen (Radiant) Squads mod (I changed her to Preston's outfit in the meantime as it will adhere to any mesh edits or mods you have installed that edits vanilla clothing) as part of the overhaul.  you are not allowed to share any assets of this as I had to obtain permission from the author to use their assets.

Fractured Sanctuary now located at: Fractured Sanctuary 

ENB used: Quantum Horizons 

I suggest Looksmenu Player Rotation by PK0 Because it makes life SO much easier when applying edits and tattoos especially if you plan on making changes to the NPC.

Suggested and used mods
4k Hairy Men                           --------------------------by Jay33721 
LooksMenu                              --------------------------by expired6978 
Looks Menu Customization Compendium ------by AGodComplexPikachu 
Looks Menu Customization Compendium Fix by Hailfire89 (Still working like a charm)
Extended Facial Sculpting     --------------------------by Septfox 
Asian Face Enhanced             --------------------------by alan81512 
Toothpick Stretching Mouth Bug Fix --------------by takosako 
The K Makeup                          -------------------------by MonoaNM 
Unfair Skin                              --------------------------by MonoaNM 
Appealing Moles                    --------------------------by ANiceOakTree 
Skarlett Eyes                          ---------------------------by Skarlett645 
The Eyes Of Beauty Fallout
   --------------------------by LogRaam 
Vivid Hair Color Extended     --------------------------by GothikaGeist 
Anto Hairpack                         --------------------------by SynthOverboss 
Christine Looksmenu            -------------------------- by RogueCyborg 
GK Female NPC Replacer     ---------------------------by OnigiriDaisuki (I used a lot from this mod and their other mods) 
Red Tourette Overhaul and Ack-Ack Overhaul -by Kaseichan (Will be in Enemy and complete Overhaul w/permission pending...for now suggested DL)
Minutemen (Radiant) Squads -------------------------by Magic881 (Edited the appearance of Hartfield)
Kettricken   (and others)          ---------------------------by Nap1985 
Face Ripper                             ---------------------------by xatmos (This program has saved me literal hours of work)
Young Male Face Texture     ---------------------------by Fuse00