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A new Companion with over 150 Voice Lines. Inspired by Glados from Portal. No Requirements, unless you want the look from the Screenshots.

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This MOD has no Requirements! Unless you want the Looks from the Screenshots. For that you need the Mods i listed further down in the Description! They are all mostly used nowaday anyway!

Please watch the Open Beta Instructions Video. There is explained how to get her the Look from the Screenshots. Requirements are listed below. All Links are also posted below.

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Open Beta Instructions Video

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This mod contains the companion Europa. Inspired by the Legendary Glados and voiced by Kasia!

She has over 150 voice lines.

I will now list some of the features she has.

- 150+ voice lines
- Affinity system ( Full Potential not used, maybe in the Future )
- Romance will not come for this mod, unless this will get insanely popular lol 
- A Pickup Quest
- More Dialogue if she gets popular, right now she is more experimental
- At the moment she has 4 Dialogue trees and a lot of Event Dialogue
- She can tell you jokes
- She gives you a perk at maximum affinity
- She has encounter comments about a lot of Stuff.
- All Voicelines are available as Optional Downloads
- Design Document open to the Public and linked above

- She has a very specific look, you can find the Preset in the Optional Files Section. Pictures are in the picture section.
- You can use Amazing Follower Tweaks to change her appearence if you like or the slm command as shows in the Video.
- After installation you'll get a quest to find Europa.  Check your quest log. Its called A Visit from Finland.

The following look is listed in the optional download category:

Mods used for Europa Preset

LooksMenu + LooksMenuCompendium + LooksMenuTatoosRequired
KS Hairdos and KS Hair Addon = Required ( Hair is KSH Hal )
Eyes of the Universe = Required
HN66s and XAZOMNs Distinctive Teeth for FO4 = Optional
- Body Texture is CBBE Ida Body Texture = Optional
- Face Texture is Valkyre Face Texture = Optional
- Nosering is from Femshepping's Ports - LeahLilith and Kalilies' Jewelry = Optional
deLuxe Makeup = Optional 
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- = Required or Optional, depends on your Texture Mods

Future Plans

- Extended storyline
- Way more dialogue lines


Author - xxvvxx
Script - kitcat81
Script Fixes - HcGxGrill
Voice Actress - Kasia =
Dialogue - xxvvxx & Kasia & Veratisu
Beta Tester - Jcbq(Kaos)