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A selection of custom presets for LooksMenu for the femme player character.

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Aesthetic Presets for the femme player-character in LooksMenu.


"Sofly" Required Mods:

Option 1: Use Vortex to download and install
Option 2: Manually download and drop into [Fallout 4 container] > Fallout 4 > Data > F4SE > Plugins > F4EE > Presets

At this time, individual presets are not pre-packaged, and would need to be downloaded and installed manually, as described in option 2 above.

Andrea - darkest skin, dark brown dreads, hazel eyes. Inspired by (but not exactly based on) Michonne from TWD.
Bree - palest skin, black hair, brown eyes.
Goldie - dark tan, golden brown hair, golden eyes.
Resi - my "mary-sue" insert character :P pale, brown hair, green eyes.
Rex - dark tan, dark red hair, hazel eyes.
Blaise - my current play-through survival character. palest skin, platinum blonde ("blonde" with hair colour mod), hazel-gray eyes.

The highlighted preset on the right of certain screenshots is NOT accurate to what preset is being shown. It is simply whatever my mouse happened to be over in that moment. Screenshots are labeled correctly as to which preset they are displaying.

Please endorse if you enjoy these presets! :)

P.S. I am open to [polite] requests for custom presets, if anyone happens to have them.