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My try at recreating a Jennifer Lawrence LooksMenu preset

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It all started with me wanting to have a Jennifer Lawrence lookalike ingame so I browsed the Nexus for a preset but wasn't really happy with what I found. I've spent some time within the game editor and managed to get what I believe a good lookalike, posted a screen on r/Fallout and got SO many requests to share the preset so I thought I'd share it here with you all.


LooksMenu as this is a LooksMenu preset (NOT a Savegame!), Extended Facial Scuplting (seems like the face will be messed up without it), Oni cute asian face parts and F4SE for obvious reasons. 

While not a "must" requirement, I've used hairstyles from Commonwealth Cuts in the screens so you might wanna get that one too if you want to recreate the same look.
The preset will be package with vanilla hair like this:


Just use NMM or manually drop the folder's content into your Fallout 4 directory. The good side of it being a LooksMenu preset is that you can apply it to companions too! I personally have Jen as my Curie :)


None, as long as you have LooksMenu + F4SE installed.


Preset done by me just for fun. Do whatever you want with it as long it's not for commercial purposes and you credit me as creator (and link back here!). Please do ask for my approval though if you include this preset in your mod / collection. Thank you.
A big thank you to all the people who showed such a great feedback and appreciation in my reddit post.

Please endorse if you liked this preset!

Enjoy :)