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Face preset for Looksmenu taken from my current character.

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1. About

I aimed at grime, realistic look, with a beauty hidden beneath it. Overall I tried to stay immersive.

2.Required mods 

(For those who are not familiar with it):

-Download .rar and take Sara.json file from it, nd then paste it inside folder "Preset" you can find by following this folder's path: 
steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\F4EE

-While in-game, open character menu by typing in console (default key "~")   slm player 

-When the creation menu will open, press R or open PRESET tab and find one named Sara

-Hit enter or do whatever you like with it

4. Additional Settings

Im currently using ENB to enchance the visuals, such as shadows, by using SSAO. It has a quite significant inpact on whole environment look as well as on character faces. 
On attached screenshot, im also using PILGRIM mod, that changes in-game colors scheme.

Disclamer: its my first "mod", so dont be harsh on me too much if i messed something up