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About this mod

A simple mod that I have been doing little by little following the Concept Art style.

19 new faces for companions and npc.
Replacers and presets for Looksmenu.

Permissions and credits

The characters that I edit are


Cait, Curie, Danse, Deacon, MacCready, Piper, Preston, X6-88, Porter Gage and Old Longfellow


Sturges, Mama Murphy, Vault Tec Rep (Human), Maxson, Ellie Perkins, X2-47, Wolfgang, Simone and Irma

I tried to make them as similar as possible, but I am aware that some do not look very alike.
I know that some concept art has nothing to do with that particular character (Porter Gage, Wolfgang and Simone...) but I think it may be appropriate.
Since certain characters were missing, I was inspired by some Fan Art to cover the companions (Cait, Curie, Danse).

Mods in screenshots

The requirements mods and
FCO - HD Eyes (Curie, Danse, MacReady, Gage, Longfellow, Mama Murphy)
Valkyr Female Face 1.0v

Kirs freckled body (Cait)
Realistic Hair

Thaylar's Armor and Clothing Enhanced
Better Piper Outfit
BoS Jumpsuit Retexture
Eyewear and Mask retexture

ENB - Film Workshop


The Art Of Fallout 4
crystalvfae - Cait and Curie Fanart
 SineAlas - Danse Fan Art

Made with FO4Edit and Face Ripper