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Instantly change you or your companions hairstyle with New Hair For You. It's as simple as point, shoot, haircut! With over 248 Female hairstyle options and 120 Male options, you'll never find yourself tiring of you or your companions look again.

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New Hair For You - An Instant Player and Companion Stylist Tool

Instantly change you or your companions hairstyle with New Hair For You.
It's as simple as point, shoot, haircut!
With over 292 Female hairstyle options, 78 Male and 42 Beard and Mustache options,
you'll never find yourself tiring of you or your companions look again. 


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Becoming bored of your companions appearance?
Wish changing your style was quicker and easier?

Utilizing the 121 Vanilla hairstyles, 211 hairstyles from the mod Commonwealth Cuts,
 35 from KS Hairdos Addon(s), and 32 from Ponytail Hairstyles, you can instantly change the look of your companion(s),
simply by shooting them!

If you've ever tried customizing your companion with the "showlooksmenu" command with multiple hair mods installed,
you know it can be daunting to scroll through hundreds of great hairstyles and choose JUST ONE.
With New Hair For You, it's quick, simple, instantaneous, and can be done anytime anywhere, as often as you like.
I personally have 5 companions, and having the means to change both their look and my own at a moments notice, 
helps to keep the game fresh after hundreds of hours of playtime.


There are 3 weapons, one for Female NPC's, one for Male, and one for Beards and Mustaches,
all of which can be crafted at the chem station.

Just shoot an NPC with their respective weapon and the mod will randomly select 1 of the 292 Female,
78 Male, or 42 Facial hairstyles available and presto,
New Hair For You!
Keep firing, and it'll keep changing.
Tired of your own hair? Just hotkey one of the New Hair For You consumables, also crafted at the chem station,
switch to 3rd person, click your hotkey, and shizam,
New Hair For You!
Keep Pressing that hotkey, and it'll keep changing.

Both the weapon and consumable can be used on either men or women.
If you decide to fill the commonwealth with bearded ladies, that's on you. No judgement ;)


This works on all Human and Ghoul followers. Piper, Cait, Ellen the Cartographer, etc...

It also works on many random generic NPC's,
(I.e. City Residents) depending on their form ID and mods installed.
It does not work on generic settlers, due to the way Fallout 4 generates them.
However, if you use a mod that allows you to create unique settlers, it should work for them just fine. (Untested, Lmk!)

If you happen to see the same style come up more than once, just keep shooting; RNG is fun!

One of the following is required at a Minimum:
Commonwealth Cuts - By JTesmer (ANiceOakTree) and Aarwyn
KS Hairdos Addon(s) - By oeliza
Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar v2.5a

I highly suggest having all 3, for maximum functionality.
At least one must be installed for the tools to work properly.
If you do not install all 3, and while using the tool a hairstyle does not change,
it's because a hairstyle that you didn't download has come up in the rotation.

Downloading with Nexus Mod Manager is highly suggested,
Install with NMM or MO2 if that's your preference,
Overwrite all files if prompted.


Future Plans
More hairstyles! (Other hair mods)
A Quest!
(If you have quest writing experience and would like to contribute, pm)
A way to instantly change the players hair as well, cuz duh, awesome. Complete!

Thanks to JTesmer (ANiceOakTree) and Aarwyn for CommonwealthCut's
oeliza for porting KS Hairdos Addon(s)
Azarkiowa for Ponytail Hairstyles
New Hair For You is a Nexus only mod, and should not be re-uploaded anywhere else.


This mod took me 45+ hours to create, write, test, & publish.
Thanks for viewing, I hope you enjoy the mod, and Happy styling!

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