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Animated Armoury for DAR

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A Simple FAQ if you need it
If you're wanting to do some compatibility patches for your mods or another
check this article
Looking for Source files or Guides on how to create weapons for my mod check out this Mod page

About the Mod
This mod adds new weapons to the game, all the weapons are distributed throughout level lists and can be crafted + upgraded.
Both the Player and NPCs can all use the weapons, both the player and npcs can play the animations

Rapier Demo Pike Demo

Quarter Staff Demo Claw Demo

Dagger Demo by JDM Mace Demo by JDM 

Whip Demo                                                       
Katana Demo


Combat Gameplay Overhaul + is sort of semi incompatible with Animated Armoury, you wont get crashes or nasty issues, but even with the Nemesis version the animations may not play correctly or have incorrect timings on the attacks and swings, some animations don't even play

SkySa as far as I know is not compatible as no animations haven't been made

The DAR folders in use by this mod are 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 29, 30, 31 and 32 There is an included txt file explaining which folder is what, You can switch these around how ever you want just read the text file before hand

Compatibility patches

BockworschtSoldier has made a German translation here: Animated Armoury - DAR Version - New Weapons with animations german translation

ExpensiveLadder has made some great fixes for a lot of the errors that I missed as well as some level list adjustments, I really recommend this!   Animated Armoury - Fixes Rebalance Enchantments and Patches

Animated Armoury is compatible with Speed and Reach Fix by GodlySandwich

LoTD and Skyrim Unique treasures by Gregio
Nikola's Amber and Madness by nikolaf
Blue Frost Daedric Weapons by Melwenmods

Ashingda has made a SKYUI compatibility patch so icons show up for my custom weapons
Animated Armory Animation zPatch by darkphoenixff4 is a Zedit script that will run through your load order and add my mods
keywords to weapons it finds in your load order, this is great as it tailor makes compatibility patches for your load order, you wont need to download any compatibility patches after running this script
First Person Combat Animations Overhaul 2.0 -SIZE MATTERS by ShoryukenBruh - Link to Patch made by Favmir
Diamond Smithing Complete - Animated Armoury Compatibility - by MeraxesUrrax
Animated Armoury DSR and Ecotone Patch - by ManyStrongWords
Animated Armoury Vigilant Patch - by ManyStrongWords
Animated Armoury Outlaws and Revolutionaries Patch - by ManyStrongWords
Animated Armoury MERPs Gondorian Armament Patch - by ManyStrongWords

Animated Armoury Relics of Hyrule Patch - by Webmetz
T'Skyrim True Weapons Animated Armoury Patch - by ScarecroOw
Lintra Spear Patches - by Squirrellysama
Weapon balancing script for Heavy armory and Animated Armory for use in xEdit by wherediditrun
Animated Armoury - CC Dead Man's Dread Patch by FafnirEtherion
Immersive Weapon Integration has a patch for Animated Armoury on their page

They deal a little less damage than Swords, have much higher Crit damage, are faster than Swords and have a lot of range

Pikes are a new type of Two Handed weapon, they deal a little less damage than Greatswords, are faster than Greatswords and have more range
Halberds are a new type of Two Handed weapon, they deal a little less damage than Greatswords, are faster than Greatswords and have more range than BattleAxes
Quarter Staffs
Quarter Staffs are a new type of Two Handed weapon, they deal a tiny bit more damage than Maces, their power attacks hit more than once though
Claws are a new type of One Handed weapon, they deal less damage than Daggers but have a chance to inflict a stackable bleed debuff they are designed to be dual wielded but can be used in either hand, they cannot be used for parrying, when wielded together they can unleash a flurry of swipes

Chain Whips

Chain Whips are a new type of One Handed weapon, they light of damage, a bit slower to attack with than a sword and provide mid range damage, they have near instant recoil recovery, ideal as an offhand weapon

Due to the nature of whips being an animated weapon, they can sometimes be a bit jank in terms of animation, sometimes NPC's will have their whip randomly animate when blocking, a whip can animate faster than the player can transition between animations etc. Also if you want to wield two whips together you need to get a dual wield variant(prefixed by the word dual) from the add Item menu or console, these don't appear in levelled lists


Katana's are one handed swords they're simular to regular swords but used in both hands, when you equip another weapon in your left hand you use katanas with one hand only

Mace and Dagger animations

Not a new weapon type but I wanted to make animations for these two weapons for a while now, the animations will apply to existing Maces and Daggers

Other Info

Permissions wise, anyone is ok to do anything they want with this mod, rework it, translate it, reanimate it, use the source code(I suck at coding); whatever floats your boat. No need to ask, just give credit please


Felisky384 : For Dynamic Animation Replacer
Ashingda : For Fixing scripts in the retried version of AA and his mod Skyrim Spear Mechanic
JDM : Has great videos showing off my mod and lots of other great mods, He did the awesome Dagger video and the screen archery shots for the mod
Shikyokira : For Nemesis (Offsite Link) and for opening up the door to behaviour modding
Fore : For making animations in Skyrim possible, Fores New Idles in Skyrim FNIS and FNIS Sexy Move
Zartar : For his WIP Behaviour tool
BouBoule201288 : For his mod True Spear Combat
BlueBoar : For allowing me to make a compatibility patch for his Rapier and Dagger mod
PrivateEye: For his mod Heavy Armoury
Hothtrooper44: For his mod Immersive Weapons
MaikCG: For his XPMSE Biped
sotaponi: For His HCT TagFile Converter
Skyrim Together Team : For Inspiring me to finally get this mod going!

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