Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

This mod adds six hundred and twenty one (621) separate weapons to Skyrim, and integrates them into the world via leveled lists, crafting, placing them in the world, and assigning them to specific NPCs. These weapons have been compiled from many individual weapon mods created for Skyrim between 2011, and 2016.

Permissions and credits

The purpose of Immersive Weapon Integration (formerly The Third Party Weapon Integration Project) is to reimplement weapons that our community's talented weapon-modders have created by removing them from the forge menu and putting them out into the world. The concept is very similar to that of Immersive Weapons, but crafted to adhere to a modern standard.

I started this project for myself, but it eventually grew into something I saw worthy of sharing with the community. I found it immersion-breaking to have a forge menu filled beyond the point of reason with weapons that appeared to me, in many cases, to be of artifact quality. I also began this project to address the issue of having my load order filled with upwards of fifty separate plugins, each for single weapons, or packs of weapons. I know that many people use merge plugins to address that specific issue, but this project does much more than that. Merging the plugins doesn't alleviate the unintuitive implementation of many great weapons. Many of these I would never use for my character, but would love to see in-game as an aspect of the world of Tamriel. The community is filled with amazing weapons I wish to truly see in the world because they fit, and Skyrim would be lacking in richness without them.

All six-hundred and twenty-one weapons in this mod have been evaluated and anything deemed adequately unique has been removed from the forge menu completely and placed in the world some place more worthy. Many other weapons could be found anywhere in Skyrim. The vanilla weapon lists have been greatly expanded upon, adding one-handed war hammers and variations of many existing weapon sets, which have been painstakingly placed within the leveled lists. Furthermore, many NPCs and static objects have been altered so that they now draw from the leveled lists instead of being identical for everyone, every time. Wealthy NPCs will have things that signify their status; No more Jarls with iron daggers. Certain other groups, such as the Khajiit Traders, have been given a variety of weapons they could potentially have which would make more sense.

Weapons are still largely damage-tiered and you shouldn't encounter weapons that are drastically above your level. However, there are some exceptions to this. I've also taken steps to make the loot found within the game more thematic. 
Refer to the credits list at the bottom of this page for a vague idea of what, more specifically, is included within this project.


  • Thalmor will always have Elven or Glass equipment, regardless of player level. The Elven weapon set has been greatly expanded upon.

  • Common NPCs will no longer all have an Iron Dagger, but one of several common daggers.

  • Wealthy NPCs will have expensive weapons or daggers that signify their status.

  • Sailors now have proper cutlasses, instead of scimitars.

  • Many static weapons throughout Skyrim are now more dynamic, drawing from leveled lists instead of always being identical in every playthrough.

  • Leveled lists for every weapon tier have been expanded upon.

  • Orcish, Dwarven, Elven, and Ebony tier weapons have a reduced presence in leveled lists, and new weapons have been introduced into the leveled lists to take their place.

  • Unique weapons are hand placed throughout Skyrim in places worthy of the weapons' prowess, as well as given to specific named NPCs.

  • Warriors from Hammerfell are now dynamically equipped with an their own personal arsenal.

  • Khajiit merchants now have a chance of carrying various ethnic weapons unlikely to been seen elsewhere in Skyrim.

  • Certain weapons can only be purchased from specific vendors.

  • Certain weapon crafting recipes will unlock only after you've first acquired one. Additionally, certain weapon crafting recipes will unlock once you've met other esoteric criteria. For instance, you must first learn to fold steel before you can craft any Akaviri weapons.

Technical Information

This project makes extensive changes to NPC's inventories, leveled lists, and static weapons placed around Skyrim. It will conflict with many things.

It is
highly recommended that users make use of a merged or bashed patch. It is also highly recommended that users have some knowledge of xEdit and manual conflict resolution. 

Known Compatibility (and Lack Thereof)

Immersive Weapons
This project is NOT compatible with Immersive weapons, out of the box. The leveled lists will clash. A merged or bashed patch WILL fix these conflicts. However, my personal stance on Immersive weapons, as the author of this mod, is that this project includes many of the better weapons featured in Immersive weapons. Overlap between this, and immersive weapons, includes but is not limited to, Wulfharth's dragonbone weapons, and weapons of the third era. As I was developing Immersive Integration, I reached the conclusion that everything included within Immersive Weapons that I would want to use is already included in this project. Using them both would be redundant.

A note on this: Although I haven't tested it, I believe it would be possible to merge/bash the leveled lists from this project and Immersive Weapons together. The result would be a number of duplicate entries in the forge menu and duplicated items within the leveled lists, which may or may not alter the balance of which weapons you see in the game. You would then also see weapons I intentionally omitted from this project, so if it is your desire to play this way, it shouldn't cause any real problems. It would be messy though. 

Winter is Coming/Cloaks of Skyrim
As of right now, there is a minor incompatibility with Winter is Coming and Cloaks of Skyrim, because These mods add Cloaks to some of the same NPCs I've made changes to. Whichever mod is loaded last will take priority. These incompatibilities are minor, and can be easily fixed with a merged/bashed patch. I have every intention creating an official Compatibility Patch for these mods in the near future.

Unique Uniques SE
Unique Uniques SE is 90% Compatible with This Project. Only one of the weapons affected by Unique Uniques SE is also changed by Immersive Integration. Aegisbane is the offender, and my personal recommendation is to load Unique Uniques SE beneath Immersive Integration and be done with it. 

Morrowloot UE
MorrowLoot Ultimate Edition is Compatible with the provided Patch. This patch is to be considered experimental, but to the best of my knowledge, functional. It adjusts leveled lists and some crafting recipes (and a few misc other things) and brings the game more in line with MorrowLoot's version of balance.

LeanWolf's Bettter-Shaped Weapons
Many of Leanwolf's weapon meshes are included in Immersive Integration as separate weapons, for the sake of variety. If you hate the shape of all the vanilla weapons, feel free to use LeanWolf's replacer. It won't really conflict, just detract a tad from the variety of things in the game. You'll also have duplicate crafting entries because one iron sword, etc, will look exactly like other entries in the crafting list. Personally, I always preferred the weapon delarpification project 

Royal Armory - New Artifacts
Xedit flags no conflicts, however, upon reviewing Royal Armory's mod page, there are two or there NPCs it edits that Immersive Integration also edits. Load Royal Armory after Immersive Integration 

Legacy of the Dragonborn
Legacy of the Dragonborn makes use of many of the same weapon assets as this project. When installing my mod, or Legacy of the Dragonborn (whichever you choose to install first) the mod manager will prompt you to overwrite files. You can say yes, or you can say no, as it doesn't matter. The files are identical. What this means in game is that there will be duplicates of certain weapons. A version this project has added to the game, and a version Legacy of the Dragonborn has added to the game. At some point in the near future, I intend to address this. 
As stated, this project makes extensive alterations to existing leveled lists, and any plugin loaded after it will conflict. These conflicts can be resolved easily with xEdit or Wrye Bash.

This is where it gets problematic. This project makes changes to a large number of vanilla NPC's. Other projects which also make changes to vanilla NPCs, such as RS Children, or Cutting Room Floor will conflict. The dirty solution is to load Immersive Integration higher in your load order than the mods conflicting with it. The result of this will be that the specific conflicted NPC's will not receive the benefit of my alterations to their inventories, but will receive the benefit of whichever mod is loaded last in the load order. For the most part, this is benign. At worst, the NPC's will have vanilla inventories. (Return of the iron dagger surplus)

The cleaner, though somewhat more advanced solution to these conflicts, is to drag conflicting values across in xEdit and make a patch, or just alter the plugin directly. Only edit the plugin that isn't this one, if you know what you're doing, and why you're doing it. This project is very big, but also doesn't really do that many things. There isn't much the user could do that would severely break it. 

Conflict Notes
As stated (at least three times by now) this project WILL conflict with other mods that make changes to vanilla NPC's and leveled lists. I am not unwilling to make compatibility patches where possible if I discover something is being overwritten from a popular mod, or one I myself am using. This is where user feedback is helpful. xEdit is handy for resolving many simple conflicts such as leveled lists. 

Regarding the leveled lists, I designed this project to be the single mod used to modify weapon leveled lists. Leveled lists are easy to patch, but if I've done everything as I intended, this mod should be the only mod needed which will modify WEAPON leveled lists.

If any other significant compatibility issues come up, feel free to let me know and I will look into building patches where needed.

Planned features
  • Further compatibility with other mods
  • Further inclusion of more weapons from within the nexus community

CREDITS! (this part's important)
May it be known that for every asset included within this download, I have been given legitimate permission to use by these respected mod authors:

ImsumDave - Four Swords, Tribal Scimitar, Arisverd, Squire Sword, Nullmir, Borderwatch, Black Magic, Black Sting
Devils86 - Iron or Steel Sword Replace
InsanitySorrow The Stamford, Insanity's Zatoichi, Celtic Katana, Dragon Katana, The Thegn, Insanity's Ebony Sword Replacer
Mandarinn - Uurk Weapons, Simple Steel Sword
Mahty - Dwarven Beam Blades
Farinelli - Hammerfell Armoury
Morbias777 - Flaming Weapons Pack, Nordic Steel Poleaxe, Kriegmesser
JohnsSkyrim - Inferno Adze, Granite Maul
J_Kolosovskis - Flaschion Sword
Hammerhorde - Imperial Silver Runeblade, LSB Rune Hammer, Skyforge Nordic Maul, LSB Rune Weapons, LSB Battle Hammers
FrankFamily - Franks Scimitar, Valkyrja, Penobscot War Bow
KettleWitch - Short Sword, Kettlewitch's Bloodthorn Replacer, Nordic Kukri, Adamantium Dragon Rapier, Forge of Warriors-Redguard Weapons Boost
Nicoroshi - Nico's Scimitars, Nico's Raven Swords
MadCat221 - Vanilla Derived Akaviri Tanto, Dawnguard Arsenal
JZBai - Prettier Curved Swords, Quarterstaffs 
Carvalho - Valiant Nord Bow, Sword of Ancient Tongues, The Scarlet Vengence
Gimora - Sword and Shield of Roto
StandAlone09 - Runic Sword, Passion Never Dies, Orcrist, Lanfael, Another Weapon Resource, Alduin's Claw, Test Sword, Hril Sword Set
Billyro - Sand Scorpion, Cataract, Crag, Revenant, Wraith
SquirrelM0ds - Alik'r Knife, Ornate Steel Shiv
Wicked_Jester - Scoia'tael Weapons
OverPoweredTF - Ram Ax
NathieSK - Daedra Flayer Greatsword
Lautasantenni - Katana Crafting, One handed Warhammers
RonnieMagnum - Old Dwarven Katana and Daito, Ordinary Weapons of Skyrim, Blade of the Necromancer
Oraln - Dwarven Condenser, Double Hand Axes
Acey195 - Dwemer Autoblade
Kelretu - Weapons of Mara, Skeleton Sword
TheCakeTheifMods - The Sword of the Eternal Pheonix
D0nutz - D0nutz Armoury
Defunkt - Single Bitted Steel Battleaxe
Kyim - Straightforward Blades
Jennifur68 - Dovah Weapohs Pack
TheyCallMeCheese - Dragon Bone Weapons Complete
Rcrass1 - Red Eagles Sword Replacer and Craftable Reachman's Swords
Bordraw - Red Eagles Blade
747823 - Weapons of the Third Era
Andragorn - Andragorn's Armoury
Syncing - Loners Sword
InsanePlumber - Scoaitael Bows
SmatiMart - Oathkeepers Steel Greatsword
Andrew210488 - New Elven Bow
UrbinShiv92 - Master Blade
DecimusMaximus - Real Bows
DarkGondul - Asymetric Sword Resource and more weapon resource
EleteTJB98 - Weapon Variants Modders Resource
LordBishek - Skyrim Blade Overhaul, Better Shaped Longbows
Wulfharth - Wulfharth's Dragonbone Weapons
Ghosu - Ghosu Weapon pack, Aurials crossbow and swords, Dragon Bone Knuckles and Cutlass, Nokkelen, Dagger of Xian
AlexScorpion - Snake Bows, Exotic Bow
Jet4571 - Dwarven bows, Arrowsong
NewerMind43 - Akavari Katana Reborn
OutbreakDV - Albion swords The Cluny, Albion Swords The Sherwood
Ephla422 - Ephla Warblade
Jrc0011 - Northern Spirit Arsenal, Eimar's Edge, Ornate Steel Swhord, Daedric Sword Redux
DrunkZealot - DrunkZealot's Practical fantasy weapons
Backstept - Regent Armoury 
CentificGrafics - Blade of Eplear
MrDave - Bob's armoury
LeanWolf - Leanwolf's Better-Shaped Weapons