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60+ new animations to enhance your first person combat experience. New unique animations for katana style weapons and daggers. New block idles and block bashes. No Nemesis or FNIS patch required.

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7/17/2022: Address Library and DAR have been updated for the Anniversary Edition. This mod should work now. 
10/03/2022: Todd did it again. He updated the game. Make sure you have the latest update of SKSE here. My mod REQUIRES it. 


It's 2021 and you are supposedly the swolest being on Tamriel but you swing a sword like you have back problems.  In fact, you swing every weapon like you have back problems. No more. You are a demi-god. Chosen of Akatosh. Dovahkin strong. Dovahkin smash. 

Disclaimer: I am more of an artist than I am programmer. Some things don't work exactly the way I want to because my limited technical knowledge. This is my first mod and I have never used any modding tools and I have never learned how to use Blender or AutoDesk Maya. I learned all of that just to make this mod. I used tools provided to me to the best of my ability and I hope that's enough. Thank you :)

Welcome to First Person Combat Animations Overhaul 2.0 SIZE MATTERS

Showcase videos for 2.0 and 1.0. If the videos are too long then reading the mod page is just fine. Some of the info in 1.0 video is still relevant in 2.0.

Videos are running on SSE


First Person Combat Animations Overhaul v1.0

Thanks to the Dynamic Animation Replacer, we can have custom animations for every single different weapon type in the game recognized by the vanilla system. 
This mod only changes vanilla animations and does not contain any custom animations so FNIS or Nemesis is not required. 

Weapons will feel chunkier, swords will slice and cut, axes will hack, maces will crush, and daggers will stab. NO MORE OF THE SAME. This mod also matches the vanilla timing so you don't have to relearn your weapons. 

Installation and Requirements:

  • Dynamic Animation Replacer is hard requirement for this mod. Like hard. Harder than me when I see Chun-Li in her Interpol outfit. So please download DAR and all it's requirements.
  • Download my mod with Vortex/Mod Organizer and install.
  • That's it. No Nemesis or FNIS required
  • This mod also has no ESP or ESL
  • This mod can be uninstalled at any time with no repercussions. No scripts. Doesn't even overwrite vanilla HKX files. My files are kept in a separate unique folder.
  • If you running the 1.0 version of my mod. Please uninstall the old one and install this one instead. Or simply overwrite the old files with these new ones. FPCAO1 and FPCAO2 are not meant to be run together. 

This mod currently supports:

The Sword
"The jack of all trades. Most common weapon in Skyrim, for good reason. Standard issue weapon for your disciplined soldier. Its thrusting and slashing capabilities demands both strength and dexterity from its user.  Boasts good reach and high attack speed, only bested by the dagger."

The sword in the stone has dominated your childhood fantasies. Why not pull it from its resting place?

Light Attack Animations
Power Attack Animations
Block and Bash Animations

The War Axe
"For both the fearsome warrior and the indignant peasant.  With it's weight balanced at the end, the axe can cleave through wood and limbs if aimed precisely at its target. Heavy by design, axes will always swing slower than swords, but makes up for it in high damage."

Hack away at your enemies. Rip and tear. Til it is done. 


Light Attack Animations
Power Attack Animations
Block and Bash Animations

The Mace
"For people who like to bonk. A single bonk from a mace is so mighty, the weight of the end alone can break through an opponent's guard or destroy brain cells through a helmet. Though, it's heavy weight makes it slower than the axe, but people who like to bonk don't care about this."

Light Attack Animations
Power Attack Animations
Block and Bash Animations

The Dagger
"Swift in speed but modest in damage. In a close quarters scramble, a critical strike from the dagger to the armpits or neck has changed the tide of many duels. Due to its small size, it can be concealed in clothing or a bag. Whether for self-defense or assassinations.... "

Light Attack Animations
Power Attack Animations
Block and Bash Animations
Idle Animations
Equip Animation

The Dual Daggers
"It's like the dagger, except you get 2 this time. For psychos who thought that stabbing once just wasn't enough."

Light Attack Animations
Power Attack Animations
Idle Animations
Equip Animations

The Akaviri Sword
"A blade forged in the distant lands of Akaviri, east of Tamriel. There was once a legend of an Akaviri warrior who wielded a long, single edged curved sword, roaming Tamriel in search of worthy opponents. An argonian bandit who survived an encounter with the warrior recounts seeing his bandit friends seemingly being "cut down in one swift motion."

Light Attack Animations
Power Attack Animations
Block and Bash Animations
Idle Animations
Equip Animation

Due to the nature of DAR, I have to manually add support for katana style weapons. This is because Katanas are just labeled as swords in the vanilla game. So if you have a custom mod containing a "katana", it may just act like a sword if my mod does not include it

Currently supported Katanas:
All vanilla katanas (Dragonbane, Harkon's Sword etc.)
Immersive Weapons Katanas
THANK YOU TO VaDoncChier for making patches for many katana mods. FIND HERE

The Greatsword
"Much too heavy for one hand. You need two. A symbol of physical strength and combat prowess. A greatsword's swing is far reaching with unexpected speed. The greatsword keeps the versatility of a sword, with the added benefit of being able to push with one arm and pull with the other, making its weight less of a factor." 

Light Attack Animations
Power Attack Animations
Idle Animations
Block and Bash Animations

The Battleaxe
"It's like an axe but this one is bigger. One look at this thing and you know that this axe was not made for chopping wood, it was made for battle." 

Light Attack Animations
Unique 2 Hit Power Attack Animations
Idle Animations
Block Animations

The Warhammer
"This is for people who thought one bonk wasn't enough. We like to bonk."

Let Us Bonk. 

Light Attack Animations
Unique 3 Hit MEME Power Attack Animation
Idle Animations
Block Idle

  • Tested this mod in LE with a couple of key mods and also tested in my 250+ mod SSE Lvl 30 save file. No problems. 
  • Combat Gameplay Overhaul/Nemesis/FNIS - semi-compatible. This is only applicable to the great weapons. Nothing game breaking but some odd visual bugs during running and standing idle. The attack animations seem to work fine with CGO but some CGO idles may take priority over mine. My mod should be fine with Nemesis unless you have a mod that also modifies the same files as my mod AND it requires Nemesis. If so, then Nemesis/FNIS-based animations will take priority. As of right now there not many mods that modify first person combat, so I wouldn't worry about it. 
  • Improved Camera - 100% compatible.
  • Finally First Person Magic Animation - Compatible. Changes completely different animations so no conflict. This mod was a big inspiration for me.
  • Other 3rd person animations mods - Compatible. Those animations are independent from 1st person.
  • Enhanced 1st Person Parry Animations - Compatible. I did not change any of the same files. I would not take the optional bash animations if you want to use mine.
  • Joy of Perspective - is NOT compatible. That mod makes use of your 3rd person arms instead. It's harmless but you just wont see my animations. 
  • I used Dynamic Animation Replacer priority numbers 777-785. If you are using other DAR mods, please check if you have any other mods that also use the same numbers. if they do, the mods will conflict with each other. 
  • Animated Armory - I haven't tested this out myself yet tho. I'm sleepy. I'll see what the compatibility issues are in the morning. 
  • THANK YOU TO VaDoncChier for making patches for many katana mods. FIND HERE 

Known Issues and FAQ:
  • "I get weird animations during my power attacks. sometimes my arms teleport into position or  I attack twice" - this is also not a bug. This is a vanilla feature. When you hold down a button for your power attack, Skyrim will always play the first few frames of your attackright or attackrightdiagonal animation before your power attack recognition kicks in. Todd did this, not me. It just works, bro. 
  • "when I sheath my dual daggers, there is a pause then I re-equip my weapon?" - this one is on me. I don't know why this is happening but you can just stand still and sheath then everything will be fine. I currently have no fix for this. 
  • "my weapon is using vanilla animation and/or using the wrong animations!" - your weapon is either not recognized by the vanilla system or your custom weapon is not supported by my mod. This is mainly applicable to the katana animations, which I have to manually add your custom weapon to my katana's  _condition.txt for DAR or you can do it yourself. check supported list above.
  • "there are no sneak attack animations" - intentional. The animation is currently buggy but I may be able to fix this in the future. It is not included for this reason. 
  • "there are no side power attacks" - intentional. I never really used these attacks because it's ridiculously wonky to aim with them. Despite that, it is an empty unused slot for customization and I may work on something for the future.
  • "my weapons or armor clips through my body" - I simply can not account for the size of every weapon and armor in the game. I'm sorry that this is probably not immersive but XP32 MAXIMUM BOOTY PHYSICS EXTENSION isn't either. I developed these animations to look good around FOV 80-100.
  • "I can't see my hands or my hands are too close to me. Even when I change FOV" - luckily this is not my mod. please check comments section for sticky post 
  • "these animations suck, they are not even realistic at all" - this one is also on me, but I have heard that ALT+F4 is a great solution to this problem

Changes from 1.0 to 2.0

  • added new 1hm_attackright for every 1h weapon. 
  • major changes to most of the 1h weapon animations. 
  • added great weapons
  • added block idle and block bash animations. 
  • added the ebony blade to _conditions.txt list for DAR katanas. my bad
  • dagger animations will not work with shields anymore due to visual clipping. 

If you have a problem or conflict with another mod, tell me about it in detail and I'll try to replicate the problem and fix it to the best of my abilities.

Recommended Mods to improve your first person combat experience:

Special shout out to Orakin2020/ESkyrim's very high quality third person animation mods. Very top tier for your 3rd person needs. 

Anything I do from now on I consider extra. I need to get some exercise. 

Tools I used to make this mod:

Thank you to the community and all the mod authors I leeched off of before I decided to make my own mod. Making a mod has only made me more appreciative of all mod authors and everything they do.