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A tweaked version of Heavy Armory with animations using Dynamic Animation Replacer. Patches are provided.

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  • Mandarin

This is a standalone version of PrivateEye's Heavy Armory with enchanted weapons, patches and optional tweaks. By using this mod with the recommended other mods and the provided patches and tweaks, you will expand the Skyrim armory with new weapon types that are seamlessly integrated into the game. The recommended mods to complement this mod are:

  • Install the mods listed in the in the requirements section.
  • Install this mod using a mod manager
  • If you are using XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE, move the sword sheath to the back since the spears from Skyrim Spear Mechanic uses the sword sheath if XMPSSE is used. The option to move the sword sheath is in XPMSSE's MCM menu.

The weapons from Heavy Armory, Skyrim Spear Mechanic and Animated Armoury will be patched and tweaked to work seamlessly together and SkyUI Weapons Pack SE allows for the new weapon types to show up in the user interface.The perk descriptions in the menus will be optionally altered to fit with the new weapon types. Perk descriptions are available for vanilla Skyrim, WACCF and Adamant, Vokrii and Ordinator. The categories used in these descriptions and all weapon types are as follows:

One-Handed Blunt Weapons

Maces (vanilla)
The vanilla maces.

Clubs (Heavy Armory)
A simpler version of the mace.
Type: Mace
Icon: Mace
Animation: Mace

Mauls (Heavy Armory)
A slower but stronger version of the mace.
Type: Mace
Icon: Mace
Animation: Mace

Chain Whips (Animated Armoury)
Type: Whip
Icon: Whip
Animation: Whip

One-Handed Axes

War Axe (vanilla)
The vanilla war axes

Hatchet (Heavy Armory)
A smaller war axe. Faster but less reach and damage.
Type: War axe
Icon: War axe
Animation: War axe

One-Handed Swords and Spears

Swords (vanilla)
The vanilla swords

Shortswords (Heavy Armory)

A smaller sword. Faster but less reach and damage.
Type: Sword
Icon: Sword
Animation: Sword

Rapiers (Animated Armoury)
A rapier has higher critical damage, speed and reach than the ordinary sword.
Type: Rapier
Icon: Rapier
Animation: Rapier

Shortspears (Heavy Armory)
Type: Spear
Icon: Spear
Animation: One handed javelin animation from Skyrim Spear Mechanic

Spears (Skyrim Spear Mechanic)
These spears are semi-two-handed. If the off-hand is free, the spear will be held by both hands and do +1 damage. When used in one hand, it does less damage than a shortspear but has better reach.
Type: Spear
Icon: Spear
Animation: Skyrim Spear Mechanic

Javelin (Skyrim Spear Mechanic)
A one handed spear that does less damage than other spears but that can be thrown. To throw it, do a block-bash (block+attack). The javelin is a little overpowered and immersion breaking since it has infinite ammo. The javelins aren't in any leveled lists or placed anywhere in the world, to get one it needs to be crafted. An optional javelin disabler removes the recipes for crafting javelins, thus removing it from the game.
Type: Javelin
Icon: Javelin
Animation: Skyrim Spear Mechanic

Claws and Daggers

Daggers (vanilla)

The vanilla dagger

Claws (Animated Armoury)

Type: Claws
Icon: Claws
Animation: Claws

Two-Handed Axes

Battleaxe (vanilla)
The vanilla battleaxe

Halberd (Animated Armoury)
Type: Halberd
Icon: Halberd
Animation: Halberd

Poleaxes (Heavy Armory)
These are the halberds from Heavy Armory that has been renamed to poleaxes. The Halberds in Heavy Armory are quite short and I wanted to differentiate them
from the halberds in Animated Armoury.
Type: Halberd
Icon: Halberd
Animation: Battleaxe

Two-Handed Blunt Weapons

Warhammers (vanilla)
The vanilla warhammers

Long Mace (Heavy Armory)
Type: Warhammer
Icon: Warhammer
Animation: Warhammer

Short Staffs (Heavy Armory)
These are the quarterstaffs from Heavy Armory that has been renamed.
Type: Quarter Staff
Icon: Quarter Staff
Animation: Quarter Staff

Quarter Staffs (Animated Armoury)
Type: Quarter Staff
Icon: Quarter Staff
Animation: Quarter Staff

Greatswords and two-handed pole weapons

Greatsword (vanilla)
The vanilla greatswords.

Half Pike (Heavy Armory)
These are the spears from Heavy Armory that has been renamed to half pikes. This works better with the new weapon types; spears are one-handed and pikes are two-handed.
Type: Pike
Icon: Pike
Animation: Pike

Pike (Animated Armoury)

Type: Pike
Icon: Pike
Animation: Pike

Glaive (Heavy Armory)
Type: Pike
Icon: Pike
Animation: Greatsword

Trident (Heavy Armory)
Type: Pike
Icon: Pike
Animation: Pike

All animations uses Dynamic Animation Replacer and are optional. Animations are provided for the Heavy Armory weapons where the vanilla animations didn't fit. These weapons are short staffs, shortspears, half pikes and tridents. For shortspears, I have used the javelin animations from Skyrim Spear Mechanic. The rest of the animation comes from Animated Armoury. The meshes for these weapons (excluding shortspears) has been edited to make the animations fit better. These tweaks makes the character hold the weapons further down the shaft.


Optional balance patches are provided to make Heavy Armory, Skyrim Spear Mechanic and Animated Armoury play well together and with vanilla or WACCF Skyrim. The balance patches are created by using a script that follows a simple algoritm to calculate and set the weapon values. The balance patch alters damage, critical damage, stagger, speed and reach values. The tables below shows how everything is set and calculated. The vanilla weapons are inserted into the tables for reference, they have not been changed. The material modifiers are not changed, they are set by vanilla Skyrim or by WACCF. The balance patch is highly recommended, both for vanilla and WACCF users.

Enchanted Weapons and Summermyst

Optional addons adds enchanted versions of the weapons from Heavy Armory, Animated Armoury and Skyrim Spear Mechanic and distributes them in the game via the leveled lists. The enchanted versions enchants weapons where Skyrim enchants weapons and distributes them in the same manner as vanilla. Low tier weapons, like iron and steel, has low tier enchantments while high tier weapons has higher tier enchantments. Just like in vanilla. They are distributed at the exact same levels as vanilla distributes them. They come in three different versions; vanilla, waccf and High-Level Loot Rarified. The enchantments used are from vanilla Skyrim and optionally from Summermyst.


Patches are provided for a bunch of mods. Some of these patches patches the leveled lists. I personally do not use Wrye Bash and its bashed patch to handle conflict resolution in the leveled lists. If you on the other hand do use a bashed patch, these leveled lists patches might be overkill, but they do not hurt. The following mods has patches for this version of Heavy Armory as well as for each other:

 The Heavy Armory patch for WACCF and CCOR uses the patches from Kryptopyr's patch hub as a template but there are differences. The Animated Armoury patch for WACCF and CCOR uses Animated Armoury - Fixes Rebalance Enchantments and Patches as a template, but there are differences in this patch too.

Skyrim mod guide
For even more compatibility patches or for users that wants a full modding guide, check out my guide/mod list on STEP or Github: