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Script which helps to balance weapons, intended for HeavyArmory and AnimatedArmoury mods.

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There are few amazing mods for weapons, expands your entire weaponry selection. Essentially results in 20 different distinct weapon types for each material also used by NPCs:

[Heavy armory](
[Animated armoury](
[Lost Longswords(easy to port)](
[Legendary crossbows](

However, I was a bit dissatisfied with how some of these weapons from Animated Armoury and few from Heavy armory are balanced in terms of speed, reach, stagger and damage. Making weapon like Pike to hit almost as quick as dagger and reach 50% more than Greatsword while hitting like a truck.

I also use HeavyArmory Summermyst patch to enable enchanted versions of those weapons appearing in leveled lists. And that introduces hundres of hundreds of new records. Each enchantment has it's own record. Making editing it by hand to require copious amounts of time.

So I've wrote a script for xEdit to edit those fields. Script itself does not modify any mod data in any way shape or form. All it does, is let computer to do the hand work of editing different fields in records by hand, which you would need to do by hand otherwise. The change happens when you close xEdit and save the changes. So in essence you're just using your computer to do the tiresome and time concoming task of ctrl+c ctrl+v values for each opened record by hand.

As it is now it balances from Heavy Armory:
Halberds (also renames to Poleaxe)
From AnimatedArmoury

It's pretty much all nerfs really, because originally some of the new weapons were very very powerful (like pikes) to the point that there is no reason to use anything else. I've also adjusted Hatchets and Shortswords a bit, because they suffer from same problem as daggers do, very high scaling with enchanting and smithing. Don't expect perfect balance, I only put most pronounced offenders back in line. So that vanilla weapons would still be as viable.

Check under tab Docs for mode details. Feel free to suggest why certain item should be more powerful or weaker in your opinion. Perhaps I made a miscalculation. Or perhaps different approach to different weapon type could be applied.

You'll find that there is two scripts present in total. That's because Animated Armoury and Heavy Armory both have their take on Halberd weapon type. Thus provide two distinct weapons under the same name. Due to Heavy amory Halberd being significantly shorter, I choose to rename it to Poleaxe.

Balancing script expects name Poleaxe to be used to recognize the correct item and apply the correct changes. So it's a necessary step for everything to work properly, although you can change the name provided you are not afraid to adjust the simple script at your own risk.

1. Download the scripts and place them in your xEdit folder name: "EditScripts".
2. Load xEdit, select mods to load in exEdit: 
    * PrvtI_HeavyArmory.esp (main heavy armory mod)
    * NewArmory.esp (main animated armoury mod)
    * AnimatedHeavyArmory.esp (animated armoury patch for HeavyArmoury)
    * Heavy Armory Enchanted.esp.
3. Rename Halberds to Poleaxes in relevant mods.
     3.1 Expand PrvtI_HeavyArmory.esp. Find Category Weapons.
    3.3 Right click on category Weapons, in the dialogue box select Apply Script...
    3.4 Box will appear, make sure that in the top select input you Select wdirsRenameHalberdToPoleaxe.pas
    3.5 Script contents will appear in the textarea, press OK. Wait till script ends running.
    3.6 Check if records are changed correctly, the ones changes will be marked with Bald text. Don't mind the color.
    3.7 Repeat same to AnimatedHeavyArmory.esp
    3.8 Repeat same to Heavy Armory Enchanted.esp
    3.9 Close xEdit, save the changes. 

    !!! NOTE: DO NOT DO THIS TO NewArmoury.esp. As it contains different weapons which should remain Halberd. Our later script will use that identifier for applying different balancing values.

4. Run weapon balancing script.
   Same steps as in 3. Pick script: wdirsWeaponBalancingScript.pas. Run to all esps:
   * PrvtI_HeavyArmory.esp 
   * NewArmory.esp
   * AnimatedHeavyArmory.esp
   * Heavy Armory Enchanted.esp.

Open weapons. Find Bald check if values are correct. If everything's fine it's safe to close xEdit and save the changes. Save, keep the back ups just in case. Enjoy!

Alternatively if you want to get back to original just reinstall the mods a new and put them in same place in your load order where they were. Everything will be reinstated.

Thinking about changing Glaive attack animation to that of Halberd from Spear. Since weapons like Naginata (which is japanese glaive) was used as much for slashing as for stabbing. I've balanced the weapon having that in mind, shorter reach for more stagger compared to spear. This can be done by applying different keyword which governs animation usage, much like you would change damage or any other parameter.

DISCLAIMER: Heads up, glaives and spears in game as shown to the player will be wrongly reported as Battleaxes. However, game recognizes them as of type Greatsword as they bear Greatsword keyword. Issue happens, because Animated Heavy Armory patch adjusts their animations. And for some reason, game itself chooses to show weapon type to the player based on used animation, and not based on Perks the item benefits from.

This behavior is not related to my script in any way.