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Add spear/javelin weapons and animations for 3rd person mode. These are usable by the Player and NPCs, can be crafted and found on enemies.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds spear/javelin weapons and the animation to go with it. These are of the sword type and uses the one-handed perk tree. Both the player and NPCs can use the spears along with animations. The spears can be crafted and can be found on enemies you encounter. Each spear has varied stats, for example the weak Iron Spear is fast but shorter ranged while the stronger Ebony Spear is slower but greater ranged.

For now this only works for 3rd person. Although I have a few 1st person animations made, I don't have a way to make use of it as FNIS does not support it. I'm looking at other methods to eventually include 1st persons as well.

Go here for Skyrim SE version: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/25146

Spear Grip Mechanic: When using the spear with a shield or off-hand weapon the one-handed animation will be used. If the left hand is unequipped and empty then both hands will grip the spear and the two-handed animation will be used. While in this pseudo two-handed mode you gain an attack damage boost of 20%. Using magic on the left hand is considered empty, both hands grip the spear until you cast a spell.

Unique Addition: When block-bashing in 2-handed mode the reach is reduced to 1.0 same as a sword reach. This also applies to the sneak power attack "Plunging Attack" it gets the reach reduced but also gains a boost of 10% to attack damage.

Javelin Throw: Power attacking with forward/standing/backward will throw the javelin. Power attacking with left and right will be melee. Javelin damage is the base damage x2 ignoring armor and will stagger the foe unless they block.

Custom Skeleton: This mod uses a custom skeleton to enable sheathing the spear/javelin to the back. If you use a different mod that includes a skeleton then mine will not be used and thus should not have conflicts. For example if you use XPMSE then my skeleton will not be active and the game should resume with XPMSE as normal.

Install like normal, manually or with a mod manager(recomended).

To uninstall first unequip the spear to reset your character to using the vanilla animations then save the game and exit. Uninstall the mod from the game then update FNIS again before hopping back into the saved game.

If you find yourself already in a T pose or bugged animations because of uninstalling the mod without resetting the animation to vanilla then you can reinstall the mod and perform the steps above.

Known Issues
- While using magic on the left hand and in the 2-handed mode the strafe left and right animations will not function properly. That is because FNIS doesn't support these two animations even though they are included.

How it works
- Additional spear animations are add in by using FNIS to patch the behavior files.
- SKSE allows the the scripts more functionality and we can apply the animations to override the standard animations when a spear is equipped.
- A quest applies an Alias to the Player or NPCs who has a spear equipped which attaches said script onto them that controls the animations.
- When in 2-handed mode, a perk applies damage boost to spears, and removed when the spear is unequipped.
- For more in-depth details you can contact me.

SKSE, FNIS and NIOverride.

- Fully compatible with Animated Armoury by NickNak
- May work alongside other spear animation mods without conflicts. Only spears from this mod will use this mod's animations.
- May conflict with other animation mods that does the same thing.

Spear Stats

BouBoule201288 - Inspirations for my mod.
NickaNak - Being the best mentor ever!
Bubbajones_ya - For the Blender setup, none of my animations could have been made without this.
KeyboardKing - Tester