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A near complete overhaul of my Alveden Royal Knight armor and weapon set. That comes with various heavy and light armor pieces, improved textures, improved meshes, color variations, redone weights, and completely retailored to 3BAV/3BA/BHUNP bodyslide.

Permissions and credits
This is almost a complete remake of my Alveden Royal Knight Armor - Weapon Set 
If you're interested in a non-modular version or maybe just prefer the old one. By all means check it out. This page is mostly copied from the original page.

I have been lurking in this community for years. Always felt bad for not being more active. Well no more. I have made quite a few assets and have concepts for a now canceled/abandoned game and since they are mine and I didn't want them to lay in the dust pin that is my hard drive. I have decided to repurpose them for Skyrim.

Without further ado. I present my Alveden Royal Knight set.

  • A modular armor set with 66 pieces that can be, MOSTLY, mixed and matched to create your own look and style. With two color variations White and black cloth. Steel and Gold armor.
  • 1 Pike
  • 1 Halberd
  • 1 Greatsword
  • 1 Longsword
  • 1 Shield

All with recipes and tampering, stats "balanced" around ebony gear.

Hard Requirements:
  • 3BA/CBBE based body textures for the CBBE-3BA/3BAV version
  • BHUNP based body textures for the BHUNP version
  • RaceMenu for the highheels to work properly.

Soft/Optional Requirements:

Also includes a Revamp of my character Pennelope who serves as a follower and vendor to sell you the gear, if crafting isn't an option. (pricy though haha)


Pennelope was a Royal Knight of the kingdom of Alveden. While escorting the princess on a voyage, their ship was destroyed in a storm. However, she awoke on the shoreline of Dawnstar. She found herself in a completely unfamiliar night sky and land. Separated from her friends, homeland and with no means of return. She must find purpose in the war torn lands of Skyrim. With only the gear and knowledge of her old world. She must find the meaning of why the Gods brought her here. Is it possible her countryman on the voyage came here too? Will you help her find purpose and even possibly help her return home? (There are no plans to make this anything more than roleplay, sorry.)

Royal/Dark Knights of Alveden:
By no means should their seemingly light apparel fool you. What they lack in heavy armor plating, they more than make up for it in flexibility and sheer combat prowess. They train in many schools of weaponry. The quality of craftsmanship by their head blacksmith, Thomas Aurelius, bears no similarity in Tamriel. Not only does the Gear display high prestige, but the plating is highly durable, capable of withstanding heavy blows.

Follower Info:
  • Location: Dawnstar - Windpeak Inn
  • Voice: Female Commander
  • Race: Imperial
  • Class: CombatWarrior2H "Warrior" 

Known issues: (that I may or may not fix)
  • For some reason the GlovePlates are invisible in first person. Seems to be an issue with Skyrim first person arm, nothing I can do..
  • You may experience some clipping here and there. Which may look more or less bad depending on the animation or pose. (I've spent hrs trying to address 99% of cases, but there are animations/poses that are too extreme and stretch/collapse the mesh, not much I can do.)

  • Not compatible with original mod, As this a complete remake of it. This does replace the original esp, so expect to be nude, if you're updating. Other then reobtaining the armor, there should be no other issue.
  • This is "standalone," but if other mods ask to replace files of this mod by all means allow them to replace this mod.

Future Plans:
  • Fix some issues and fine tune mesh more to address clipping.
  • Probably repurpose/create the rest of my stuff.

  • Since I can't physically stop you from doing what you will. I at least ask you to please credit my work.
  • Please don't paywall my mod somewhere
  • I did design this mod for mashup within itself so mashup with other armor is welcome, just do credit me.
  • Retextures are by all means welcome.


Recommended Mods:

Tools Used:
Substance Painter
BodySlide and Outfit Studio