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Adds 6 sets of outfits; themed after the legendary six heroes, dubbed Warriors of Light.

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Kreiste's Heroic Outfits
Warriors of Light

This mod adds 6 sets of armors and weapons, themed after the legendary Warriors of Light who braved a fantastic adventure for their last time. 

This mod also includes redux of my previous KSA outfits (Fledgling Cleric/Novice Thaumaturge/Scarlet Duelist). While technically this mod shouldn't conflict with them, they are redundant. For this version, I rebalanced the stats, removed the fingerless gloves and removed the over-powered amulets. I also "tried" to make the colors more muted and grimier to comply with Skyrim's aesthetic (it's a tough job since the original inspirations of these armor are quite vibrant and colorful!)

All of the outfits and weapons are made by me; but they are inspired from Final Fantasy; mish-mashed from the Job designs of the earlier titles. Their weapons also calls back to mainly FFIX weapons. I took some creative liberties here and there. This is my homage to the video game that shaped my childhood.

Now, for a more modular installation, I split this mod into 2 sub-mods, one for weapons and one for armors. While the two mods don't require each other; each of them have different mod requirements. 

KHO Warriors of Light is recommended to be used with More Craftable Equipments by Parapets.
If it's not installed, the plugin will still work but the clothing now requires Linen Pile instead of Thread and they're to be crafted at the Tanning Rack.

KHO Warriors of Light (Sword and Spell addon) requires Animated Armoury (DAR Version) by NickaNak.
If you don't want to install AA, overwrite the esp with the optional patch.
The rapier will be typed as a Sword and the claw will be typed as a Dagger

KHO Warriors of Light consists of 6 sets of armor and clothing; some of the sets have multiple color variants. 
• The armors can be crafted at the forge and the clothing can be crafted at the weaving loom (MCE). The armors can be tempered but not the clothing.
• Gloves with visible hands support Khajiits and Argonian clawed hands.
• All headwears are tagged as circlets, therefore may clips with certain hairstyles.
• Filter for CBBE KHO Warriors of Light / HIMBO KHO Warriors of Light in BodySlide.

KHO Warriors of Light (Sword and Spell addon) Consists of 6 sets of weapons.
• The weapons can be crafted at the forge and tempered normally, as long as you have Steel Smithing perk. 
• The weapons can be further upgraded at the Forge with various gemstones to give them enchantments, as long as you have Advanced Armors perk.
• The staffs has no unenchanted version because I do not know how to make one.







Please contact me if you'd like to use the assets in this mod or make a conversion. I'd also prefer it if my assets stay within Nexus Mods and/or Vector Plexus.
Additionally, I do not want my works to be edited/modified/morphed/derived for SMMB. I do not want to associate my creation with that mod. Please respect my decision :)

Ousnius, Caliente and the rest of the team for Body Slide & Outfit Studio and CBBE.
Parapets for adding weaving loom with More Craftable Equipments.
NickaNak for making various fantasy weapons that's been missing for a long time in Skyrim with Animated Armoury.
air from VectorPlexus forum for teaching me how to make Outfit Studio weight sliders.
Ulfberth for teaching me how to use Body Slide and Outfit Studio.
Hironobu Sakaguchi, Nobuo Uematsu, Yoshitaka Amano, and Square-Enix for an excellent, timeless, classic video game series, Final Fantasy; which this outfit is inspired from.
My patrons, the people of HIMBORD discord and r/skyrimmods discord who always lifts my spirits up.