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Original by Iromizu - SSE port by sanosukex - this version by davebaughman

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Updates the TERA Weapons mod to include Animated Armoury animations and streamline distribution of shields.

Permissions and credits
This mod builds upon TERA Weapons with Leveled Lists (Fixed) by Sanosukex (and originally, by Iromizu). Characters using lances will now display rapier animations from Animated Armory rather than one-handed sword animations. Shields are split into light and heavy categories to help ensure they match the skill sets of their users. 

  • Skyrim 1.5.97 or Anniversary Edition
  • TERA Weapons with Leveled Lists (Fixed) -- install this mod first, then let my version overwrite the plugin.
  • Animated Armoury -- I strongly recommend the DAR version, though I can't think of any reason that the legacy Nemesis version wouldn't work

  1. Using your favorite mod manager software (I recommend Mod Organizer 2, but Vortex is good as well)
  2. Follow the prompts in the FOMOD installer to select your configuration.
  3. If you are upgrading an existing saved game and you already have Tera Weapons installed, you should choose the non-ESL version. Otherwise, I highly recommend you install the ESL version.
  4. Ensure that the plugin from this mod loads after the requirements. If you install the lance rebalance patch, remember that it needs to load after the main Tera Weapons plugin.

  • Like any mod that modifies leveled lists, this mod will conflict with other mods' leveled list edits. Personally, I recommend manually merging leveled lists in xEdit, but I understand that tool has a degree of learning curve, and the automated Bashed Patch option in Wrye Bash should also resolve all the leveled list conflicts.
  • I have not tested this mod on Legendary Edition. Animated Armoury does have an LE version, so its possible this mod will work in LE, with the LE version of TERA Weapons. However, I cannot guarantee this and because I do not have an LE testing environment set up I regret that I can't offer any technical support for LE backporting.

  • Iromizu -- for creating the original TERA Weapons mod for LE
  • Sanosukex -- for generously giving me permission to use his SSE conversion as a starting point
  • Inert-Ren -- for creating the original TERA Weapons leveled list add-on
  • NickaNak -- for creating and maintaining the excellent Animated Armoury mod
  • Special Thanks to En Masse Entertainment for creating the original assets and generously allowing their reusing for Skyrim mods!

Future Plans
  • The next version is currently in development, including more optional patches as well as support for Katana and Halberd plugins where appropriate.
  • My private version of this mod contains more extensive changes, including a different Leveled List structure. To share these, I need to peel out most of the dependencies and conduct testing to ensure they are all working right. Once this is complete, I will upload a FOMOD version with more options.