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Speak Classical Cyrodilic instead of the common tongue to equip spells with Dragonborn Unlimited. Similar to the Harry Potter addon but with support for more than 80 mods in a simple fomod installer.

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This mod uses Dragonborn Unlimited (Voice Recognition) config files to give all vanilla spells and more than 80 mods Classical Cyrodilic (Latin) names. There is no change in game. The spell name will be the same. But the name you need to speak out loud will be a Classical Cyrodilic word (similar to the Harry Potter Addon).
According to lore the Classical Cyrodilic language is similar to Latin. Many emperor names sound Latin as well.
The FOMod automatically recognises all supported mods. So it is super easy to install if you already use Dragonborn Unlimited. If not, I recommend you check it out. It is just awesome and works perfect and still receives optimisation updates.
In the download files you find:
- A FOMod for VR with all the config files
- A FOMod for normal Skyrim with all the config files
- Check Important section at the end of the page
- A Book ressources to read the words and spells offline:
- A PDF with all spells, a Cyrodiilic English dictionary (only the necessary words) and help for pronunciation
- Can be printed to you can read while in game

If you know Latin or even speak it you will see some inconsistencies. There is no focus on grammar it just uses fancy Latin words for spell names. I placed the focus on the speech recognition. I choose words that are easier to recognise and checked every single word with Text to Speech software to make sure it can be recognised. If you take a look in the config you will see that most words are written weird and wrong. That is to support Latin in an English speech recognition software.

Sanitas means Healing
Rapio means Fast
Fast Healing - Sanitas Rapio
but Close Wounds is just a better Version of fast Fast Healing so it uses the same word and Dragonborn Unlimited automatically uses the best Spell:
Close Wounds - Sanitas Rapio
If you have Apocalypse you can use Motus for Movement but Rapio again for Fast to use Longstride:
Longstride - Motus Rapio
If you learn Silentium for Silence you can speak the next spell:
Muffle - Motus Silentium

There are a total 190 words to learn 822 Spells. So you have not to learn all spells but rather some words to use most of the spells. For the most common and basics spells you have to learn maybe 10 words. For example if you know fire magic you only have to exchange Incendio for Frigo to learn 20 more spells.

I especially like the ability spells of alteration magic. Dragonborn unlimited makes them so much more useful and immersive. No more clicking in menus or not enough space in your favourites. The mod Utility Magic Package adds a lot of this kind of spells. With the right spells and if you have learned the words you have a huge advantage for fighting mages and dragons or similar element type animals:
ChillfleshPellis Resto Frigo
EmberfleshPellis Resto Incendio
StaticfleshPellis Resto Korusko

You can react to the situation of getting attacked by one of the three elements by casting a resistance spell. The spell will be automatically cast so you do not have to switch your weapon after casting. Your fight can continue without immersion breaking pauses.

More information

Font Overhaul - Natural Typefaces for Skyrim -- FONTS is recommended to get more text on one book page. That makes finding the spell much easier.

Important for VR Users

I do not have a VR Glasses yet. To expensive and I found nothing sustainable. But that might change in the future. So the support I provide is about things I know about VR. I know this version does not support ESL-Flagges. So I changes all ESL to ESP in my configs. Not all of this mods have ESP-Versions. But If you do it yourself my fomod will recognize your change and will install the corrects files.

Important (for non VR Users)

At this moment DBU does not directly support ESL flagged files. If you install the normal Skyrim version you need to add to all the FormIDs the load order of your ESL file. If you do not do this all the plugins loaded as ESLs will not work all the other mods (base game, Wyrmstooth, Beyond Skyrim Bruma, Beyond Reach, etc.) are fine. If you load an ESL as an normal ESP just replace the XXX by 000.
1. Search in Data\Plugins\DBU\Commands for *.ini
2. Open all files in Notepad++
3. Search for XXX and look at the plugin name at the end of the file. Look in SSEEdit for load order of this Plugin and replace the XXX with right number.
4. Replace all XXX in one file with the same number
5. Continue with the next file
6. Hint: Some Mods have multiple .ini files
7. Hint: If your load order changes you have to do it again. So do it only until you are sure nothing changes anymore. All the vanilla spells and many other spells are working as they are usual plugins. Only the smaller spell packages are usually ESL-Flagged.


zbigdogz - Creater of Dragonborn Unlimited, thank you for all the support and help