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Claw animations for SkySA and Animated Armoury, one handed and dual wield

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Install after SkySA and Animated Armoury
If you have other dagger or dual wield animations installed you may have to edit your DAR folders ('meshes\actors\character\animations\DynamicAnimationReplacer\_CustomCondition'). The folders containing my animations are '28071', '28072', '28073' and '28074', if you have other folders containing the same animations rename my folder a greater number than the other folder's name.

Distar for SkySA
ShikyoKira for Nemesis
tktk1 for the animation rig
Felisky for DAR
alexsylex for AMR
NickNak for Animated Armoury

- Unfortunately at the moment it's not possible to bake left weapon attacks into animations, for that reason the right weapon will do damage when the left is supposed to. Other mod authors are using this solution too, right now it seems to be the best way to implement alternative dual wield movesets.
- I had an issue where the left weapon would hit at the end of every dual wield animation because left hits are implemented in SkySA's behaviour files (probably). I was able work around this but I'm not sure if my solution works for other people as well. I basically exported the animation with 20 extra frames at the end so I could set the 'attackStop' annotation before the actual end of the animation.
- I use Separate power attacks to trigger power attacks, I highly reccomend it.