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Welcome Everybody, I'm back
                                                     on True Spear Combat (Alpha) by Boubõule

The new first picture is a pure product from Imperious Tangent (Ian Davis), if you want see more of his work,
Go on:

The link for the True Spear Combat of the Special Edition of Skyrim.

This mod evolve with your commentaries, so don't forget to post your request.

The version 0.6 work fine for gamers but don't try the v.0.6.5 if you aren't motivated to be a tester.
10/11/17: Today, I post a new plugin v.0.6.5 for testers with the new method for javelins which allow a free spell, shield or weapon. I work hard for fix bugs.

Bugs knows on the v.0.6.5 are:
- NPCs don't have javelins
- Bound spear spell doesn't release a spear
- Movement animations don't run
- Javelins aren't removed from inventory when you release
- Javelin release disappear too fast
(Fixed for the next release)

Next release:
1) I take some time but I try to give you some random animations for two hands and one hand attack. (Need a script)
2) NPCs are allowed to use spear.
(Need a script, first priority)
3) An ability when left hand doesn't have shield or spell, animations run two hands. (Need a script, it' not win)
4) Animations for the left hand. (I will try a mirror method)
5) Fixed the bug with some clothes and the rotation bug of the 2hm spear during movement.
6) Fixed the equip, unequip bug which break animations. (Update script)
7) Animations for Horseback. (Need to do a script)
8) Allow Javelin and shield in the same time for player and NPCs.
9) Plugin with a lot of thorwing Knives and Axes (If no body have done a plugin with this)
10) Animations for draughr. (Need to do a script)
11) Javelin impact push the target on the ground.

10 august 2017: Bound javelin, when you have launch the spell, you need to unequip spell and go inventory to select bound javelin.
New movements and sneak attack for 2 hands, new idle attack and sneak power attack for 1 hand.

New block animation for two hands.

18 June 2017: I've unblocked my animations for the sneak release of javelin, plus two hands animations.
A patch (All In One or Separated) in the optional for Heavy Armory, Bobs Armory Skyrim and Immersive Weapons.

I offer you some spells inspired of "Recolor Bound Weapons" by Liny, and an addition for the Daedric Spear model. Now you are allowed to cast 4 differents bound spears
with magic effects (Flame, Frost, Spark).

I've inspired my texture on the mod "Alternative Daedric Weapons (4k and 2k)" by Aiyen, I recommend you.
My new model take some time to load the first time???
Anyway, You can buy spell tomes named "Bound Spear" at vendors and some mages.

(Please your comment help me, post them if you see something strange in game)

I      Presentation
II     Installation

III    Recommendations

Read this part for a better experience in game.
IV Future project
If I've time to develop this ideas.
V    Resolve your trouble
If you are unlucky, you will find a solution here or on the forum.
VI   History
If you want follow the story of the mod or if you like ISO 9001

I Presentation
This mod is an independant script from DemongelRex, free of Spears of Soolie with my animations and some advantages.

The original mod offer the possibility to play with spear (1 hand sword) and javelin (throwable) in Skyrim with different animations.
This is a multitude of new animations for spears and javelins which can be played during travel and combat.
This animations are for right-hander and cover javelins, tridents, halberds and spears: the 1 hand combat with/without shield and the 2 hands combat
are playable. You can checked the .gif on the top of this page if you want see what are the look of some animations.

You don't need to start a new game to run animations, an old save will be okay.
Some inconvenients and bugs that will be fixed in the future, I'm not certain of the efficacity of the script, need more test.

In 2018, Aerisarn, the developper team's leader from "Skywind"  project will return on TSC.
Meanwhile, I will developp and fix the script myself when I've freetime and if you ask some modifications.

Some pretty videos by SEXX, animations are included in True Spear Combat and some others.

Plus a very impressive video of Chaos_Hellfire, the mod is presented to 4:51. Click on Chaos_Hellfire for more videos of mods.

II Installation
1°) U don't need of Spears by Soolie, Use the NMM installation for TSC.
2°) Install and Launch FNIS 6.3 by Fore, U don't need to clic on anything, deactivate (PCEA) if active and just clic on "Update Behavior".
3°) U can play and you don't need to start a new game.
4°) If you want parameters of "1st Person for Javelins", download and install it with NMM when you want use javelins. If you want use a bow, install the "1st person for Return to Original". For users of Archery Gameplay Overhaul, re-install the "1st person for Return to Archery Gameplay Overhaul". This versions are done to facilitate the come back from version to an other.

III Recommendations
For the Data\SKSE\Plugins\SKSE_EnhancedCamera.ini from Enhanced Camera by LogicDragon, I recommend parameters below which are the best for myself and yourself.
; Enables experimental third person arms when in first person

If you want have a correct timing for 1st person release and sound with javelins from True Spear Combat to use with  Enhanced Camera, you can go on optional files an see a new set of timing, fast to install and uninstall.

IV Future project
- A spell for a "Bound spear", I need a model to create the new spear.
- "Ribbons and feathers on spears" with the HDT physics.
- "True Spear Combat" mod whose the development will retake to 2018, not before.

V Resolve your trouble ( For all troubles or advices use posts. Nothing is perfect):

VI History
True Spear Combat
08/12/17 -  v0.6 -
Blocking Animations (Alternative).
08/11/17 - v.0.6 - True Spear Combat - Some new animations (sneak powerattack 1hm, sneak 2hm and 2hw).

06/18/17 - True Spear Combat - v.0.5 - (It's an alpha with some spells and more animations) -
More animations run now.
+ Patch All In One for Heavy Armory
, Bobs Armory Skyrim and Immersive Weapons.
05/14/17 - True Spear Combat - v.0.4 - (Damn, It's an alpha with some spells) -
Three new bound spear spells with special effects.
05/01/17 - True Spear Combat - v.0.3 - (It's again an alpha with a spell) -
A new bound spear spell.
04/12/17 - True Spear Combat - v.0.2 - (It's always an alpha) -
All animations for 1 hand run.
04/09/17 - True Spear Combat - v.0.1 - (It's an alpha) -
New script who avoid to begin a new game.